Astagram Haor, Kishoreganj [Travel Guide]

Astagram Haor, Kishoreganj. Photo: Apu Nazrul

Ashtagram upazila is a sub-divisional communication between the upazila and isolated upazila. Location of Ashtagram upazila on the south-east from Kishoreganj. Kishoreganj district headquarters is about 60 km away from Astagram. Its location next to the famous Hawaluki and Tangua. Kishoreganj's Itna, Mithamain and Ashtagram all, Nikli, Tarail, parts of Karimganj, Khaliajuri of Netrokona, AjmeriGanj in Habiganj, and some areas of Sunamganj, this Haor extends. In the rainy season, the vast area under water switches the ocean and forms the ocean. The beautiful and dusty watery settlement passing through the waterway for 3 and 3 hours continuously.

Astagram Haor, Kishoreganj. Photo: Apu Nazrul

In the rainy season, Astagram Haor is going to cross the boat. There is no goodness, but only the uncomfortable destination is unrestricted. When the sunlight rose in the morning, it seems that the sunny waves of the waves were submerged under the water once again and they were floating again. When the sun rises from the east to a big red spherical ball, when the sun spreads through the vast waters of the horizon and spreading the water of the ocean, voluntarily, the scene is very impressive.

Boat Race
Traditional boat race competition was held at Kishoreganj, Nikolae. On the boat boat, there will be amazon amazes in the whole of the haor areas including the upazila headquarters. A few hundred thousand people of different classes and occupations, including children, men and women, enjoy the scenes of boats leading up to the rhythm of the rhythm. A large number of people from different parts of the country, including Nokul and neighboring areas, gathered at the bank of the Swazi River adjacent to the embankment to see boat race.

At Astagram (Bangladesh), they will eat food at Babul's restaurant in the market and visit Kutub Shah Mosque. The connection between Haor is surrounded by the 400-year-old Kutub Shah mosque in the upazila's Ashtagram. If you see it then it will be seen. Or it can be seen only in the mosque at Astagram. This five-domed mosque situated in the Astagram thana headquarters of Kishoreganj district is built by the Bengal Sultani and Mughal architectural features. There is a difference of opinion among the historians about the time of the construction of the Masjid. Someone thought it was built in the 16th century, but most historians believe it was built in the 17th century. In the beginning of the 17th century Built in the mosque, the Sultani and Mughal architectural features This mosque is named according to the name of the famous saint Kutub Shah. The mosque is beside the mosque, the mosque is 46'-11 "north-south and 27'-11" in the east-west. Its cornice shot more curved than the Chou-chala house of Bengal. There are eight different types of four minarets. There are several prominent four minarets. The paneling has many different functions. Its east wall has 3 doors and there are 4 to 7 satars in the north-south gateway. There are 3 Mehrabs on the west wall in front of the entrance door on the eastern wall. The government mosque in 1909 Announced as a saved precedent.

Way to go

The best is to go to the train. Everyday Egarsindhu Pravati (closed on Wednesday) at 7am for the purpose of Kishorgonj Get up and go to the helicopter. Rent 120 Apart from Gulistan Phulbaria, the BRTC buses can be used to go to Kuliarchar. Rent 200 Taka Those who want to become Bhairab, they will go to Bhairab and go to the Cooliersar by CNG. Shares will be charged at Tk 40 each.

Launghghat left with a rickshaw after leaving the Kuliarchar. From here, 6 o'clock in the morning, 8am, 9am, 11am and 3am by the launch of the launch of Ashtagram. Rent 100 Taka It takes 3 to 3 hours.

You can come to Bajitpur while coming. BRTC's AC bus will be available all day. Rent 180 Taka

Before the group tours, the trawler will appear before the trail. Matu Miah 019-379299914 Sohel: 019-85686066, 01762392053 Khokan: 0176-1851441
Go ahead and fix it together. Rent a small boat will cost 3 to 4 thousand. And the big boats of 15-20 groups can take 4-6 thousand taka for two days.

Where to stay

The first and the main place is the District Council Dak Bungalow. Rent 300-1500 (room rate) Caretaker Ranjana Bhai, please contact with booking. He will do cooking too. His phone number: 0171-0299125 / 01914-975389

There are also two general-quality hotels in the market for rent 100-200 taka. Or you can camp yourself with tents.

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