Khoiyachora Jhorna, Waterfall, Mirsarai, Sitakunda, Chittagong [Travel Guide]

Khoiyachora Jhorna, Waterfall, Mirsarai, Chittagong. Photo: Minju Islam

Khaiyachora Waterfalls is a waterfall located on the hills of Mirsharai in Chittagong. This non-stepped spring of Mirsarai is wonderful. Khaiyachara - It is undoubtedly one of the biggest waterfalls in Bangladesh, in terms of size and formation. Its total 9 steps and many isolated steps prove that there is no such water that is yet to be seen in Bangladesh. There is a mountain burning in Kaiyachara (even in the rain), where the fire never ceases. The aesthetic beauty of nature is fascinated by the beauty of the paintings of the country's tourism people. Many people are staying in the mountains at the foot of the mountain to enjoy the beauty of the fountain in the light of the moon at night. Due to the brilliance of nature, the fire of the Banani form of Dhaka under the green cover, where nature plays in its mind, jhum jhum, in the sound of the fountain flowing through the people, the people chew them from the exhaustion of the mechanical life, the khaiyachara fountain. There are many isolated steps, which have not yet been seen in any waterfalls in Bangladesh. So 'Khaiyachara' is called 'Jhorna Rani' in Bangladesh.
Khoiyachora Jhorna, Mirsarai

It was before the Mirsarai Thakurda Dighi. Drawing the green and green areas of the village, it is possible to wet the body a little bit beyond the curved membrane path. To see the nine-level fountain of this Khayyachara in Mirsarai, there is a crowd of foreign tourists in the country. Thousands of foreign tourists visiting the country daily to see one of the biggest natural fountains in the country. Khayyachara Jharna has been named after its position on the hills of Khayyachara area. Location of Jharna, 4.2 km east of Dhaka-Chittagong highway on the north side of Barotakia Bazar of Khayyachara union of Mirsarai upazila. After going one-kilometer into the car, the rest will go on foot. The bamboo sako, the canals of the field, the mountainous hillside, chhara, passing at least 4 hills, when the water of the spring is filled with transparent water, it seems that the distance of the path is very little.

In the holidays, tourists visit bridges in greenery to see the mountains and the fountain, where they create a bridge of nature. The green color of the mountain and the clear water of the fountains have been mixed together. The natural waterfall of Mirsaraii Khaiyachara Jhorna The picturesque landscape of nature is fascinated by the pictures of the tourists' people.

Way to go

From bus buses in Dhaka to Chittagong-bound bus. On the way to Dhaka Chittagong Road, crossing the Mirsharai of Chittagong, before the Barotakia Bazar, before going to the Khayyachara Ideal School. If there is no traffic congestion on the way, Mircearai will reach within 4/5 hours. Chittagong's Fakirapul, Sohag Transport from Sayedabad, Green Line Transport, Saudi Transport, Hanif Enterprise, T.R. Rent is between 1 thousand and 1 thousand taka. Apart from this, non-AC buses of Shyamoli, Hanif, Saudia, Unique, S Alam etc. are also on the way. Rent is 480 taka

When they go to the Khayyachara Ideal School in Baratakia Bazar and ask local people, they will say they will have to go anyway. On the way to Dhaka Chittagong Road, on the way to the east of the village road, the train will be on the way for 10 minutes walk, cross the railway line and walk for ten more minutes. If you want to go from Dhaka Road to Jhiri you can go with CNG (70-80 liters). From here you will need to start the main tracking of Khayyachara Fountain. If necessary, you can take the guide from there. The road to fountain is one, and many adventurists will be seen on the way, so there is no reason to lose the road. Apart from Sitakunda or Mirsararai, they can also come from CNG to Jhiri till the time.

Around one and a half hour walk will be seen in the jungle by walking through the jungle, Jharna. It is good to take the time, it will take a long time to return to see the waterfall. You can take food with you, but at least three places can be found on the way to the fountain, then you can eat it from the local hotel if desired. The price of food will be relatively cheap.

If you take 2 days, you can come back with 3 waterfalls of Naptitchar, Sitakunda Eco Park, Suvadadhara Jharna, Sahasradhara Jharna, Mahamaya Lake and Jharna, Mahri Project and Windmill. There may also be more time on the Chandranath hill than the Bay of Bengal.

Accommodation place

There is no hotel to stay at the Barotakia market. But you can get the Chairman's bungalow. You can also arrange with local people to stay at home. You can find several local hotels to stay at Mirsarai or Sitakunda. There are many restaurants to eat at Mirsarai or Sitakunda.

Contact for guide
Tarek - 01832586767
Sohel - 01852483990

Note: The road to the fountain can be very remote and the stone area may be slippery. So be on the alert. If there is a fatal accident, it will be very difficult to return to that remote road.

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