Averest view from Tetulia, Panchagarh [Travel Guide]

Averest view from tetulia, Panchagarh

Panchagarh is the district of Bangladesh in Bangladesh, from where it is seen Kanchenjunga, which is surrounded by about 288 kilometers of border wall of India. North of Darjeeling district of India. There is a historic dakbungalow in Tentulia upazila headquarters in Panchagarh. Its construction strategy is a lot of Victorian style. It is known that the king of Kuch Bihar had built it. Dakbangaloti district council operates. Besides, Tentulia Upazila Parishad has constructed a picnic spot. Being located alongside the place, the beauty play has played a greater role. In this place, the relationship between the two can be seen in the beauty page of the currency epithelium Dakbungalow and picnic spot are located at a height of about 15 to 20 meters above the general ground on the highest elevation of the Great Dynasty (ie, India crossing the river) of Mahananda River.

If you stand on the verandah of Dakbungalow, you will see India's unrivaled beauty. From that place, the beauty of Kanchanjunga can be enjoyed in the winter and winter. In the rainy season, the water in the Mahananda River is very pleasant.

Kanchanjunga is the most visible from the area of Panchagarh.

when will you go
Tantulia can not be seen from the year of Kanchenjunga! Usually from mid-October to mid-November when there is no cloud in the sky and fog has not started, only then can only be seen from Tentulia in the snow - Kanchanjunga (Kanchenjunga).

How to go

If you go directly to Panchagarh, you can go to Hanif or Nabil Transport. The rent will be between 400-500 taka. Can go to the buses. If you want to go to AC bus, then you have green lines, arrivals, T-Travels and buses. Rent will cost 750-800 taka. But the problem is that these buses go to Rangpur. From Rangpur to Panchagarh you have to go to different transport. It is better to rent a car or a microbus from Panchagarh city to travel here. To reserve these places for the whole day, the reserve car will be rented for Rs.2000-2,500 and the micro bus will be charged at Tk.2500-3500. These rental cars can be found at Panchagarh central bus station and city's Chowringhee intersection.

From Panchagarh (Panchagarh) to Tentulia buses will be used for the whole day, the rent will be 40 to 50 taka. Besides, buses of Hanif and Babul Paribahan by direct movement from Dhaka to Tentulia, 500 taka for rent. There is no AC bus on the way to Panchagarh or Tentulia. It is better to rent a scooter to roam around the Bangalabandha land port, tea garden or surrounding area in Tentulia.

Where to stay

There are many hotels in Panchagarh, rent to 300 to 600 rupees. AC room will get one thousand rupees. To remain in Dakbangalow on the Mahananda river bank in Tentulia, permission will be obtained from Tentulia Upazila Executive Officer. Each room will be rented for 400 beds. To remain in the forest department's resthouse, you have to get permission from the forest department in district headquarters or tantulia. There are dakbangalo of the district council at the Bangabandhu land port, there should be permission to stay from Panchagarh. Every room here is 200 taka.

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