Swopnopuri Picnic Spot, Dinajpur [Travel Guide]

Swopnopuri Picnic Spot, Dinajpur

Not a dream, but a dream like a dream is a silly dreamy Bhaban Sapnapuri which is known as Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park in English. This spectacular picnic or entertainment spot (Shopnopuri Picnic Spot) spread over 400 acres of land at Khalishpur Mauza in Aftabganj of Nawabganj district of Dinajpur district. Sapnapuri Location: 33 miles or 52 kilometers south-east of Dinajpur district town, Khalishpur Mauja of Nawabganj upazila of the district. The distance of Sbapnapuri from Phulbari upazila city is 12 kilometers. From Phulbari Aftabganj hat from Dinajpur it is reached with a complete road.

Many tourists from different places of Bangladesh come here to entertain or picnick. Especially in the winter season there are more crowds. It has also been known as a film spot. Already here some of the films have been filmed. Nayon Jurawar Niribili in Sapnapuri, many local and foreign tourists started coming here. When you arrive at Swapnipuri, welcome to the two grand figure of standing in the gate of Sawnpipuri. These two fairys extend their two ends and stand one-hat high on both sides of the gate. Crossing the gate, different trees on the two sides of the road. Then there will be a row of fir trees in the two sides of the road. The row of coconut trees on both sides of the fir tree.
Swopnopuri Picnic spot, Dinajpur

There are artificial lakes, hills, lakes, parks, diverse vegetation and flowers, children's park, zoo, artificial animals, flowerbagicha, brick kiln, artificial fountain, horse chariot, Honsraj Sampan, Shalbagan, Khelmancha, Namazghar. The map of Bangladesh in the nature of kunja, sculpture, dakbungalow, clay cottage, market. As an obsessive-looking dream of the world. It is seen in the way of this dream world that it is going to be divided into several parts, the standing idols of Rabindranath Tagore, the rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, and the sculpture of the perennial peasant sitting in the neck. There are alarms, chairs and tools installed. Hansrajaj will be lost in the transparency blue water leaping in the dream world for some reason. As you go to Sampana, you will be seen anywhere, women are standing alone, depressed young people are heading down and there are huge bumps, There are also artificial animal world Two dragons in the entrance are ready to give a welcome address. The portraits of the wild animals made with lime-stitched walls on the wall. Then it will be astonishing to have two feet; Seeing the one and the knees in front of the front! The main animal must reach the world through the mouth of the male-croton. There are also artificial hills and waterfalls. Falling water from the fountain falls into a small pond. There are 2500 sqft wide area of Bangladesh, which is well-prepared with brick-cement.
Swapnopuri Picnic Spot, Dinajpur

If you wish this dreamy dreamer will come, you can stay for a couple of days. For this, there are five beautiful bungalows named Nishipkam, Nilapri, Shamdhata, Raznigandhha Mathola and VIP Kung. These bungalows are rented for retirement. There is a good provision of food at low prices. In Sapnapuri, there is a children's park for children, there are swimming and chawki arrangements. There is also horse riding on horseback riding, and there are also arrangements for horse carriage. The carriage of horses is on top of the colorful umbrella, which runs along the way. There are also markets for shopping in the office premises, restaurants. There are various types of rental ovens for cooking assistance. All the items of the chairs, tables, utensils and renovations are rented here. There are own security measures.

How to go

Bus and train can be made in Dhaka from both directions. Dinajpur (Dinajpur) buses from Dhaka are usually discounted from Gabtali and Kalyanpur. On this route, the AC buses of Nabin Paribahan move. Rent 900 Taka Apart from this, Hanif Enterprise- 8013714, 8015368, SR Travels-8013793, 8019312, Keya Transport -900081, SA Transport- 933205, Shyamoli Transport- 9 00331, Nabil Paribahan non-AC buses are also in this way. Rent 500-550 taka Dinajpur directly from Dhaka to Asadgate, CollegeGate, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Technical Burdh or Gabtoli to Nabil, or Bablu Enterprise chair coaches. Almost 30 minutes or 1 hour after the car leaves the car. Besides, some transport to Uttara also goes to Dinajpur.

Intercity train Express Express from Dhaka's Kamalapur Railway Station in the evening at 7:40 pm And the interconnected Ekta Express left at 9:50 am. Unity and Express Express from Dhaka are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. Rent Suite Seven 185, Shovon Chair 250, First Class Chair 350, First Class Brest 535, AC Chair 618, AC Bareth 897 Taka.

Where to stay

Tourism Motel (0531-64718) is a good hotel for Dinajpur town. Apart from this, you can also book this motel from the main head office of Dhaka. Phone: 98992888-91

Dinajpur Tourism Motel, AC Twinbed Rs 1500 and AC Twinbed Deluxe Room Rs 1800 Apart from this, there is a night stay of 100-100 taka for other general quality hotels in Dinajpur. Some of the most common standard hotels are - Hotel Diamond (0531-64629), Nimtala Hotel Al Rashid (0531-64251), Hotel Nabin (0531-64178), Hotel Rehana (0531-64414), New Hotel (0531-68122) at Malda Patai.

Anyone who wants to visit Sopnapuri or picnic can contact beforehand. Hotel Sofina 152, Osman Gani Road (Alu Bazar), Dhaka. Phone: 9554630, 9562130

Or, Hotel Kanika of Dinajpur, Station Road, Dinajpur or Sawnpanipuri

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