Behular Bashor Ghor, Gokul Medh, Bogra [Travel Guide]

Behular Bashor Ghor, Gokul Medh, Bogra

Behular Bashor Ghor is a site excavated in Gokul village under Sadar thana of Bogra (Bogra) which is known as Gokul Medh. Gokul village is situated half a kilometer south of Mahasthangarh. The site is popularly known as the house of the famous Lok Gandhatha hero-heroine Behula-Laksmindar. This place is also known as Laksmindar. In 1934-36 excavation by NG Mazumdar found the foundation of a huge temple or a stupa. This foundation is built on a level-level basis for the construction of the staircase.

In Behula Basor ghar, 172 rooms were filled with filling of soil in different areas, so that they were descended from top to bottom so that they could be used as the foundation of a high temple or a stack. This architectural structure of the architectural style of the ancient architecture of ancient Bangladesh is a significant architectural feature of the ancient architectural style on the parallel surface wall. There are several terracotta plaques in the next Gupta period (6-7th century) with this temple. A square temple with verandas built in the Sena period (11th-12th century) was built here. In this temple, a gold plate inscribed with a small stone fragment of bulls, found in the temple. From this it is assumed that it was a Shiva temple.

Gokul Medh

Behula Basor Ghar is an unimaginable monument. According to current researchers, a monument of Devampur 809 to 847 AD has been made by Devapala. This stupa is not basor ghar. Basharghar's proverb memorial is in the middle of this stupa. In the east there is a bathroom similar to a 24-carved quartette. There was a well 8 feet deep in the bathroom. It has been said that after the arrival of Behula Lakhindar Madhu, he would be able to get the purity in the well after bathing in the well maintained water. You can return to the idle house by returning to Mahasthangarh in Bogra.

How to go

Road from Bogra is easily accessible from Dhaka to Bogra. From Bogra city, go to CNG, Tempo, Rickshaw and go to Bihula Basarghar. Among the buses which go to Bogra from Dhaka are notable

1. T. Travels: From 7am to 11:30 pm every 30 minutes, it leaves for Bogra. Phone: Gabtali-01191-494865, Mohakhali-01191-494866
2. Shyamoli Transport: From 6am to 1:00 pm every 1 hour after it leaves for Bogra. Phone: Asad Gate-02- 9123471, Kalabagan-01711130862, Sayedabad-017152696940
3. SR Travels: It leaves for Bogra every 30 minutes from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm in the morning. Phone: Gabtali-02-8011226, Uttara-01552315318
4. Hanif Enterprise: Dhaka Bus Stand, Phone: 051-60940, 60803, 01911-560882

Where to stay

There are several hotels and motels to stay in Bogra. Among them are Hotel Naz Garden, Travel Motel, Safeway Motel, Northway Motel, Century Motel, Motel Castle MH, Hotel Akbari. You'll also get four star hotels here. Places to be maintained in Bogra are:

1. Hotel Naz Garden: Silimpur, Bogra-5800, Bangladesh. Phone: 88-051-624468, 66655, 6372, 64197, 78088
2. Tourism Motel: Banani Road, Bogra, Phone: 051-66753
3. Akbaria Hotel: Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Tharodode, Bogra, Phone: 01716-179982

Other Hotels in Bogra City:

Motel North Way, Sherpur Road
Hotel Al Amin, Nawababari Road
Hotel Royal Palace, Upshahr
Hotel San View, Sherpur Road
Hotel Safeway, Shantahara Bound
Hotel Rajmoni, Bogra Raja Bazar
Hotel Honey Day, Big Mosque Lane
Hotel Aziz, poet Nazrul Islam Road

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