Idrakpur Kella, Fort, Munshiganj [Travel Guide]

Idrakpur Kella, Fort, Munshiganj

Idrakpur fort is located in the city center of Munshiganj (Munshiganj). This fort was built in the year 1660 by the commander of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and by Subedar Mir Jumla of Bengal in the area of Vikrampur. This fort is built to protect the area from the attack of Magh pirates and the Portuguese. This circular fort, surrounded by many high walls, is known as SDO Kuthi in the area.

Keeping the air conditioned, the floor of the Idrakpur fort is thought to have been made of wood floor in the alignment of the air. It is said that this route would have been taken to the Lalbagh Fort. But the truth is not found. However, it could be done somewhere else in the Lalbagh fort with secret passage. Each highway has a rounded wall in each corner. There are numerous squirrel blisters in the wall, for the firing from enemy to the enemy.

Idrakpur Kella, Munshiganj
The only vaulted door is located on the north. In the middle of the main wall of the original wall there is a round platform of 33 meters in diameter. It was arranged in almost every fortress to watch the movement of the enemy from a distance. Surrounding this platform, an additional wall meets the main wall. It was built to strengthen the defense system of the fort. Within three kilometers of the fort, the location of the Ichhamati, Dhaleshwari, Meghna and Shitalakhya rivers. Idarpur fort was declared as a unique monument of Mughal architecture in 1909.

How to go

Near the old court office adjacent to Munshiganj Sadar. From Gulistan to Dhaka, "Dhaka Transport" or "Dighirpar Transport" can be reached at Muktarpur. From Muktarpur to auto rickshaw, Tk 10 (Rupees per person) or rickshaw can go to the fort of Idrakpur at Tk 20-25.

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