Bichanakandi, Sylhet [Travel Guide]

Bichanakandi, Sylhet, Photo: Moshiur Rahman

Bichanakandi is a long way from Sylhet city. In the nature of their own lilakhale, the beauty of the beauty of the waters of Bichanakandiwhich is located in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet! There are scattered stones and stones in Bichanakandi. It seems like a rock bed. This beautiful beauty, the beauty of sleeping all night, will ease the fatigue. In the water of the state of Meghalaya, the water coming down from the water will seem to all the peace here on earth. In the dry season, the real beauty of Bichanakandi is not visible. During the monsoon, the water shovel makes the place a bit of fun. Under the transparent cool water, along with stones, your body hair can also be seen. Long time lying on the bed of a water tank, taking photographs and bathing may be lost in time estimation. The beauty of Bisakandi (Bichanakandi) is remarkable. Just the stone and the hill until the end of the eyes. From a distance, mountains seem like mixing sky and clouds. The closer they go to the mountains, so much so that they keep away from the sky. And on the hills, the white clouds of recklessness seem like eighteen.

The stones, water, mountains and the clouds should be spreading the beds. The first thing that will come to mind after going here is the tranquility. This tragedy enters a lot of everyday screams and forgets. To the beauty of nature, the rate of the civilization civilization And to realize this extreme fact, you have to leave the bedroom.

Fishing at bichanakandi, Photo Sayen Ul Kabir
To convert these three places to Bichanakandi-Lucknowchara-Panthumai, the cost of the boat will be around 1100-1500 taka. Ask whether Lakhshanchara is a Chinese or not, it will be asked beforehand whether it will be learned. It will take about 5 hours to return to the three places roughly returning to Haderpara. So, by going to Sylhet, you can eat or pack lunch in Gowainghat market. You have to go from Gowaing Ghat to Haderpara. You can go to Haderpara easily with the CNG from the Gowaing Ghat market. Rent will be Tk 40 each If someone goes straight to Hartapar with CNG from Amberkhana in Sylhet City, then do not forget to eat Gori Miyar Bhuna Khichuri of Hodparpar.

You will be traveling to Panthumai, Bichankandi and Lucknowhara renting a boat. Because they are all on one route, one boat can be covered in one day.

When will you go

The beauty of the city of Sylhet can be enjoyed only in rainy season. Besides, during the rainy season, Bichakandhi (Bichnakandi) gets full life.

How to go

Sylhet bus

Buses from Dhaka to Sylhet leaves Buses from Gabtali and Sayedabad bus terminals. The buses depart from morning till 12.45 hours, and leave the buses from Fakirapul, Sayedabad and Mohakhali bus stations in Sylhet. In this way, the AC buses are operated by Green Line Transport, Saudi S Alam Transport, Shyamoli Transport and ANA Paribahan. Rent is from 8th to 1 thousand taka. Besides, Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Enterprise, Unique Service, Non-AC bus passage to Anawa Paribahan went to Sylhet. Rent is from 4 hundred to 4,500 taka. Anawa Paribahan buses left from Mohakhali to Tongi Ghorashal leaving Sylhet.

Sylhet from Dhaka to the train

Intercity train Parabat Express leaves Dhaka at Kamalapur Railway Station on Tuesday noon at 6:40 pm except for Tuesday. The Jayantika Express leaving at 2pm on the weekday and the Waban Express leave at 09:50 pm every day of the week except Wednesday. Without the Friday, the Koli Express will leave at 4 pm every afternoon. The rent is Tk 150-1000. If you go to the train at 9.50 pm, you will have to go to the morning and go to the train at night and if you are sleeping on the train at night then you can begin your journey by leaving the train in the morning and take 7-8 hours.

Chittagong - Sylhet Train

Apart from Chittagong, Monday, 8th and 15th morning, Pahari Express and Udyan Express at 9:45 pm every Saturday without Saturday. Rent 145 to 1 thousand 191. Ticket price: AC berth Rs 698, AC seat 460 taka, first class berth 425 taka, first class seat 270 taka Snegda 460, Sophon Chair 180 Taka, Shovon 150 Taka, Cheap 95 Taka.

Sylhet by Air / Sylhet by plane

Biman Bangladesh, United Air, Regent Air, Novo Air and US Bangla Air Airplanes go to Sylhet's Osmani Airport at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines's internal route of Dhaka-Sylhet ticket
Super Saver: 3200 Taka
Economy Saver:  3700 taka
Economy Flexible: 4200 taka
Business Saver:   5900 taka
Business Flexible:  6900 taka

Sylhet to Bichanakandi

If you want to go to Bichanakandi, you will first go to Amberna Point in Sylhet city. There are CNG stations on the airport road. It is good to stay in the CNG reserve for a place called Hadparar. Five are usually rented in exchange for 1000 rupees. But if people are less then 80-200 rupees can be set up. Haderpar Bazar is not too big or small. It's fair to get everything. Food, water, clothes are all available to buy. Boats are available at Bhedacandi-Panthumai-Lucknow Chhara in Haldar Bazar. Seeing beautiful beauties, the Majhiar can sit up to Tk 2,000. Do not forget it. If the boat fares go up and down, then the best is 1100-1500 rupees. If you get lesser than it is good, but of course do not go for it. Walks in the dry season. It will take 30-40 minutes. It is better to go to the boat during the rainy season. Bichanakandi, Panthumai and Lakkhanchara will be seen in a boat to see.

Where to stay

You do not have to worry about staying longer because you do not have time to go. There are many hotels to stay in Sylhet, you can find any kind of hotel according to your needs and affordability. Some known hotels are - Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Darga Gate, Surma, Kaikobad etc. There are many standard rest houses in low rent in the Lala Bazar area. Hotel Anurag - Single room for 400 rupees (two can stay in Aramas), room for 500 rooms (Normal can accommodate 4). Dargah Road has various quality residential hotels for the night. Room rent up to 500 / - taka up to 5000 / taka

Hotel Rose View (0821-721439) at the Shahjalal suburb of the city.
Hotel Star Pacific (0821 727945) at Darga Gate.
Hotel Hilton (0821-716077) at VIP Road
Hotel Metro International (0821-7111143) in the port city.
Hotel Fortuna Garden (0821-715590) in Nayarpur.
Hotel Dallas on the Jail Road (0821-720945)
Hotel Garden on Link Road (0821-814507).
Hotel Palash at Amarkhan (0821-718309)
Hotel Dargaigaon (0821-717066) in Darga area
Hotel Urmie (0821-714563).
Hotel Moon Light at Zindabazar (0821-714850).
Gulshan center (0821717118) etc. in Taltala

There are several resorts towards Tamabil / Jaintipur. If your stay is somewhere in this direction, then you will have to come back to Gowainghat from Haderpara as before. Gowain Ghat will go from Rori Ghat. You can go to CNG / Leguna. Rent 60 per minute

Where to eat

There are three very good eating hotels in Sylhet Zindabazar for eating. Hotels are five brothers, water and palanquin. There are about 29 types of bhana in them.

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