Nijhum Dwip, Noakhali [Travel Guide]

Nijhum Dwip, Noakhali. Photo: Masud Sarker Rana

A small piece of land awakened in the southwest of Hatiya upazila of Noakhali. Bala Charar, Kamalar Char, Char Osman and Char Muri are the Nijhum Dwip, which comprises of four main islands and several small chars, which is about 14,050 acres. Fishermen named the island as Ichamati Island, because lots of Ichas (shrimps) fish were caught in the adjacent areas of Nijhum Island. Because the island was sometimes like a sand mile or a hill, local people used to call this island as Bailar Daily or Baluya Char, which was later converted to Bala Chara. Since the island is completely silent, it is named as Nijhum Island. One of the main roads on the island is the. The island has gone straight from side to side. The market is like three. The original settlement of Nijhum Island is Nama Bazar. Nijhum Island does not have electricity. In the Namaha Bazar area there is electricity from the generator upto eleven. There are rickshaws and motorbikes for the island to travel. But motorcycles are more than that. Very fast to take place from one place to another. To ride the island, you can rent the motorcycle. In this case, two profits. The motorcycle that runs, he guides and operates. If you can drive a motorcycle you can run it manually.

If you are nature-loving, then there is no word. Thousands of guest birds come in the winter in the islands along the main island. Some of them include sarali, lenja, giriya, pyeong, chakhakhchi, rangamuri, Bhutihans and many other ducks, swan, kadakhopa, giriya, batan, gulindasaha watery birds, all kinds of garlic, kastecara etc. Seldom comes Pelican. And there are many local birds including sea eagles, conch shells, and barks all year round. There are deer, fox, wild pigs, various snakes and monkeys in the forests surrounding the island.

Camping at Nijhum Dwip. Photo: Akib Jaber Anik
To see the birds or deer, you have to get up early. Deer can be seen by visiting local guide with the main island. Nirghum Island now has 40 Degrees like deer. Still, if you see the deer in the forest, you have to move silently. If there is a little noise, there is a deer at the deer's exhibition fair here. During the trekking of the jungle, everyone will be able to wear light colored cotton clothes. The sight of wild animals is very intense. They are going to get away from you because of the very bright dress. To see the deer team or to take pictures, the last head of Chowdhury canal is good, the deer is more visible. There is not so much Chitra deer in the other forests like Nijhum Island that is so close to the forest.

To see the birds, the trawlers will have to go to the islands nearby, there will be a lot of mud. Very good place to see the birds and birds of Kaviraj. Nijhum Island has approximately 35 species of birds.

Tourist places in Nijhum Island

Chowdhury canal and Kaviraj Char - Before going to the evening this afternoon, Chowdhury's canals can be seen in the woods with the haren flock in the forest. Take a trawler reserve for 10-15 groups of group, give them 1000-1200 rupees, and do not forget to watch sunset and thousands of buffalo flocks in the evening of Kaviraj.

Orange Island - There are many Hilsa fish available in orange canals in the area and nearby islands are beautiful.

Mangrove Forest - It is the Nijhum Island Forestry Project. The small boys working on the Nijhum Island are guides, along with them to enter the forest in the morning. The deer can see.
It takes 10 minutes to walk from Nama Bazaar Sea Beach - Market. From here you will see sun rising and sunset, here you can enjoy barbecue.

Dwaram's Char and Virgin / Virgin Sea Beach - There is a new sea beach on the southern side of Dama Cher, which is called the Virgin Islands. Here many names do not know the bird will be seen if you go in the morning. This place is still unknown to many tourists. The trawler rental is 3000-3500 taka.

Choykhali and Choyakhali Sea Beach - In Hoyan, it is very early in the morning when it comes to Chawakhali. Keep the motor cycle wallet in the very morning you will bring the deer to the hotel. If fortune is good, then wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and brush it from the verandah of Nijhoom Resort.
** If you take the time you can take the trellis reserve with Bhola mudra, chari kukri - Muqri can come from.

When will you go

Between October to April 15, according to the current weather, the Nijhum Island is the best place to travel. On other occasions, due to rain and storm, the Meghna river and the sea are turbid.

How to go Nijhum Dwip

 By River 

The easy route to Nijhum Dip from Dhaka is: Tamarudi, a tool that launches from Sadarghat. Two launch launches on this route regularly. MV Panamá-2 Phone- 01924-004608 and MV Tipu-5, Phone-01711348813. The departure from Dhaka at 5:30 pm and leaving for Tamraudi to Dhaka, at around noon on Sunday.

Besides, MV Tasriff-1, Tasarif-2 and MV Farhan-3, Farhan-4 leave Sadarghat of Dhaka every day. Tasarif-1 and Tasrif-2 at 5:30 pm And left 6:00 pm for the purpose of the tool. Deck rental is 250-300 per person and the cabin 1200 rupees (single) and 2200 rupees (double), but this rent is sometimes reduced by the launch authority.

Bandarattila Ghat from Scooter to Tamaraddi It can be 3/4 people. Without a scooter, you can go to Bandarattila Ghat by rickshaw. Bandartila Ghat, on the trawler channel crossed the Portland of Nizam Island. It takes 15 minutes to cross the channel. It is one end of the island of Nijhum, the other destination is the name of the real market. Going from the portland to go to the market will rickshaw.

The departure of the return to Dhaka at 12 noon.

By Road

Asia Line, Asia Classic, Ekushey Express and Himachal Express buses from Mohakhali, Kamalapur and Sayedabad of Dhaka are left in Noakhali's Sonapur. Rent 350-450 taka From there, Chairman Ghat in CNG. Rent 100 Taka Then you will have to ride on the trawl Nalchira Ghat. Rent 150 taka From there the ship market market again. Rent 70 Taka Motorcarail Mukatara Ghat from Shajajara Bazar. Rent 70 Taka Nijhum Island ghat in the engine boat from Mukhtar Ghat. Rent 10 taka From there you have to go on motorcycle to Namar Bazar (Nijhum Island). Rent 60 Taka But the evolution of time may vary in the rent. So, at the beginning of the journey, know the rental from the transportation attendants and take the ride.

Apart from Jatrabari of Dhaka, many chaircote traveled directly to Noakhali daily from daybreak to night. Four to four-and-a-half hours, when they arrived in Maungdaw, Sonpur, they would be worth Tk 250.

 By train

Offshore Express trains leaving Kamalapur at seven in the morning.

After reaching Noakhali Sonapur, there will be Chairman Ghat. Char Majid Steamer Ghat at the end of Sudharam at 40 km south of Bus, Tempo or Baby. After that, the Chairman Ghat will be handed over. If you take a Baby Reserve from Sonapur, go to 300-400 taka. Tempo, the bus fares are even lower. From Pir Majid Ghat to the trawler or se-truck, the Hatia channel will go through the tool Nalchira Ghat. It takes about two hours. . Nalchira will have to go from the market to ship the ship to the south. Take half an hour to take time. Nijhum Island directly from the trawler to the trawler. The time will take 40-50 minutes. However, if you are in the group, the trawler reserve can go directly from the Chairman Ghat to Nijhum Island. Waiting for the tide to reach the Hathia or Nijhum Island from the river to the river.

Where to stay

The only good quality place to stay in Nijhum Island is the Leisure Travel Nijhum Resort. There are 2 bed rooms for rent, 2 bed room for 1800 rupees, 4 bed room for Rs. 2000, 5 bed family room for rent, 5 bed dormitory rent for 1800, and 12 bed dormitory 3000. Resorts can be booked from Dhaka. If there are additional people in the dormitories, then each person has to pay 200 rupees. All rooms have anchored bathroom. Generators get electricity from evening till 10.30pm Besides, you can use light all night from the solar panel. Besides, you will get electricity for 30 minutes after 1-2 hours.

* 50% discount is available for off-season room rent (April 15-September 30).

Contact: Nijhum Resort, Dhaka: Vacation Tourism Limited, Shamsuddin Mansion, 10th Floor, 17 New Eskaton, Dhaka. Phone- 8358485, 934351, 935930, 01552372269.

Contact Nijhum Island at Nijhoom Resort: Green Brother: 01724-145864, 01845558899, 017382830655

There are four residential residual boards at very low prices in the local market. There is also a nice bungalow in the forest department. The Deputy Board of the Deputy Commissioner These arrangements can be arranged in the first place with the permission of the authorities concerned. Besides, accommodation can be arranged in the Red Crescent Unit and Cyclone Center.

Rest House of Forest Department - 01711-173434, 01715-546772. They have their own generator.

Mosque boarding, down market - this is the cheapest accommodation. This arrangement is made from the local mosque, there are two exchanges and two double rooms, and all dormitories. Dormitory - Rent 200 - 300 Taka There is no attached bathroom in this boarding, no generator arrangement. There are 2 common bathrooms and one tube well. If you want to contact for booking at this boarding station - Md. Abdul Hamid Jasim, Central Jami Mosque, Namar Bazar, Hatiya, Noakhali. Phone: 01772-958879

Mahmud Boarding - 01713-111794. Rent will be available at 50 rupees per person.

Hotel Shahin, Namar Bazar - Hotel is new. Room rent will fall to 1000-1500 rupees, but must know the best bargaining. Phone number: 01863150881

Nijhum Dream Land Resort, Bandaratala - Good Environment. Dhaka Booking Office - 0184713573 and Nijhodudipu Booking Office - 018471243572

Hotel Island Property (Syed Chachar and Khaaran Hotel), Nomar Market. Phone: 01720601-26, 01760008106

Where to eat

Nijhum Resort offers food arrangements. There is no good hotel in the market. They can eat in those, but they will talk before. Fresh foods can be found in this. Playing with different types of fish will not cost more than 50-60 taka.

There are some local food restaurants. For example, Hotel C-Bird, Island Hotel and Brother-brother Hotel. Here you can eat fish, poultry, laugh, cucumber, dry fish. But do not get good sweet food.

Besides, they can also cook and cook in the market themselves. On the return from Nijhum Island, you can buy famous dried ones here.

Camping facilities at Nijhum Island

Camping (Camping) offers plenty of facilities at Nijhum Island. You will be able to tents in your favorite place on the whole island. There is no fear of animal animals, only beware of wild buffalo. The best place for camping is to open the canal in the market with the vast canvas (5/6 miles) of the sea crossing through the canal next to the Nijhoom Resort. Everything about Camping can be found here. No need to take anything. Still, if anything takes place then the ship can be found in the market.

Mobile network

The network of Robi and Grameenphone is available only on Nijhum Island.

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