Char kukrimukri, Bhola [Travel Guide]

Char Kukrimukri, Bhola. Photo: Shishir Deb

It is situated about 120km away from Bhola (Bhola) district town, which is located in the mouth of the Meghna and Tetulia river in the sea. It is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Bangladesh. Location of kukrimukriin the mouth of the Meghna river in the Bay of Bengal. This island is born on the banks of the meghna, in the middle of the river, surrounded by the sea of beautiful beauty.

Because of the birth of the sea of the sea, kukrimukrihas been described by many as the island of dreams. Here the river Meghna gets the form of a river that looks like you are staying in a beach in the sea. On 14th May 1989, a written instruction (final revision) came from the forest department, and to save the life and property of the people of the coastal areas, at least 360,000 acres of forest land should be stored in the mangroves.

Camping at Char Kukrimukri, Bhola
During this time, planting plantations of breath planting plants were planted, but later they were grown in order to beautify trees, such as beautiful, gewa, animal etc. Apart from this, a large number of canvas trees are seen throughout the area. Basically, these trees and all the surrounding forests, coconut trees, bamboo and cane forests have been found here, an attractive mangrove or breathtaking forest. Forest department and various sources said, the current cookery-Mukuli grazing area of 8565 hectares in the vicinity of broken buildings. Among them, the habitat of wild animals is 217 hectares. There are about 4,810 hectares of settlement and agricultural cultivation. Fishery and Farming is the main occupation of Char people.

Among the animals found in poultry crocodile forest are Chitra deer, monkeys, otters, foxes, wild buffaloas, forest cat, forest cock, etc. As the birds reap, the inhabitants of these forests include various species of forests, wild boars, conch shells, muthura, kaltmur, koil, giusepp, beiji, turtles, cookie forests and various types of snakes.

Char Kukrimukri, Bhola
Island Cookie-Mukuri winter is a different type of diagram. The grazing areas get a new look in the arrival of guest raiders from Sūdur Saira. According to experts, in winter, about 650 species of migratory birds come to Bangladesh. In it, the lion's part is in Bhola. Then the island of Dream Island became a bird sanctuary in the park.

Besides, the sea beach is also quite clean and relaxed. The image of the cookie is slightly different than the other tourist centers in the country. After a mile, the island of Kremarajira's huge canvas of the island of the dream of the cookie cooked the decorations. Where the number of living trees is more than 9 crores. A canal has passed through the roar of pirukamukhi. The name of the canal is Bharani canal. The meghna has gone through a huge chest and the canal falls into the Bay of Bengal. Nothing will be heard except in the shadows of the sea, when there is a dense fog on the sand. Slow pond before going forward a little. After that the Bay of Bengal. If you see the collapse of the storm surge, then you will remember the Cox's Bazar or the Kuakata seafront. Local people call this spot as Balur Dhum. However, the main attraction of the kukrimukri is the Sagarparpa. Standing here will be impressed by sunset or sun diving scenes. If you want you can rotate the side.


It is said that at one time only the cookie crocodile could not see anything except the dogs and mice (locals who were known as Meiku). And hence the name of this char was named Char kukrimukri.

How to go

Char Kukrimukri
From Sadarghat to Sabbir, Karnaphuli, Russell, Tipu or Raihan Launch (double cabin 1600 / single cabin and there) can go to Ghosh's launch launch terminal, Bhola. Charfashion (Char Fashion) headquarters at 150 or Tempo with 70-80 rupees on motorcycle. South Achaia from there to 30 on the bus or 200 to the motorcycle. Then, on 15 or 30 rupee tempo or motorcycle, Char Kurtpia. Then, in the trawor 20-25 rupees (if you want to reserve one thousand taka) Char kukrimukri.

Where to stay

Camping can be good if the weather is good. Apart from this, there is provision for reservation in the Coast Trust, Forest Department, and the rest of the House of the Union Parishas.

Where to eat

There are food arrangements with the Coast Trust, forest department, and the rest house of the union council.

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