Lauyer Garh, Tahirpur, Sunamganj [Travel Guide]

Lauyer Garh, Tahirpur, Sunamganj. Photo: Avijit Roy

The average village of Laura of Sunamganj is a village situated on the banks of the Jadukata river of Tahirpur upazila. The mokam (mazar) of Shah Arifin is located near the border of this village. Advaita Acharya Temple has been built in the village of Rajarghaon near the average of Laura's time. Khubaib has not yet been able to attract the attention of more people, the unpublished place. But those who once came here are in love with it. Just look at the scene. Here the blue sky blends with the water, the sky falls asleep in the lap of the mountain. In the crowd of birds, the green hills, the new blue color of the sky, the water of the haor, the clouds roaring in the rows of the mountains, playing the rooftops. A soft, shiny and trendy place called the name of Lauras.

The average area of this lure is on the border of India, carrying memories of ancient Laura state. Beautifully situated in a quiet environment, you can see the mountain ranges arranged at the same level. This area is a beautiful place to visit in a quiet, relaxed, quiet environment, or to visit picnic. If you get the average of the fox, you can get an extra and enjoyable theme "Shah Arefin Mela", 13 days after the Hindu community's dolupinera, the distance of the fountain of lauroua, the baruni bath and fairs are in the pastoral dham. On the same day, the average of laura starts at the fair of Shah Arefin, for 3 days. Millions of people come from far-off countries around this two-corners.

Shah Arefin Fair

Lauyer Garh, Sunamganj
This fair is held every year in Laurer Garh, a place in Laaur's Garh, Bangladesh, adjoining Meghalaya, India. It is difficult to tell exactly how many years ago Shah Arefin Fair started. It is known that the fair is more than 100 years old. Earlier on the occasion of the fair, the border between India and Bangladesh was opened in connection with the BDR BSF. The people of the two countries gathered in the fair. But the border is no longer open since the turmoil. But there are still some memories of Shah Arifin's dormitory (Khasia Hills of India). 7 wells, tunnel paths, prayer marks on stone etc. On the side of the fair, the fisherman's bikini On the other side, pir fakirara singing their dalabah different tents. Cows, khasi, chicken slaughter, cooking, eating, eating and drinking are all in the desert.

How to go Lauyer Garh

Both non-AC and AC buses travel from Dhaka to Sylhet / Sunamganj routes, non-AC fares- 450-440-300 taka and the rent of the SEC is highest, 1100-900-850-8000 taka. AC buses include Green Line, Al-Mobaraka, Sohag, Saudia and S. Alam Transport. Other non-AC buses include Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Transport, Mamun, Unique Transportation.

Sunamganj from Shyamoli Paribahan directly from Dhaka, Rent 550 / - per person. By taking breakfast, CNG or Honda will go directly to the place of pilgrimage or laura. Rent Honda 200-300 / - Two. CNG 400-500 / - four.

However, in the rainy season, the sahib can be reached from the house ghat to a speed boat or engine boat. Speedboat takes 1.30 hours to arrive at approximately 6,000 / - on the other side, the engine boat takes 4 hours and the cost of up to 3,000 / -.

Where to stay

You can rent a hotel (Hotel) to stay in Sunamganj from 200 taka to 1000 taka.

Hotel Noor-Eastbazar Station Road Sunamganj
Hotel Sarpiniya-Jagannathbari road, Sunamganj.
Hotel Nurani, Old Bus Stand, Sunamganj
Hotel Mizan, Eastern Bazar - Sunamganj

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