Complete Guide to visit Shillong of Meghalaya, India from Bangladesh [Travel Guide]

Grand Canyon Laitlam, Shillong, India (Photo: Antor Habib)

Indian visa: After getting India's visa, your work is two. One. Travel fee to be deposited in the bank. Two Dollar Endorsements (unless your visa is endorsed by the dollar).

>> How to get Indian Visa ( Complete Guide )

Travel fee: Rs 500 Submit to the Sonali Bank There is no expiration for travel fees or road tracks. As long as it does not increase from 500 rupees, it will be useful. However, it is good to go away a few days ago. Every time you go before you go. The document will give two copies to the bank. You will have to submit another copy of one copy in immigration.

Dollar Encouragement: $ 150 at least. You can go to any bank or money exchange store. If you want to keep it with the dollar, you have to show.
Time to travel

Season to travel Shillong, Meghalaya

Season to travel from Shilling to March to November. During this time, a lot of Shilong visit to visit.

Off Season: Season from December to February. It is very cold. And so there is not a single picnic there.

Difficult to find hotels: In June and July, schools in most states of India are closed. Then there are lots of episodes of Shillong. It is therefore difficult to get a seat in the hotel. Moreover, there is a lot of rain in Shillong.

What to look for before going

Weather: Shilong is very cold in December-January-February. Before leaving, you must know that the weather conditions here.

Occasion: Pooja, Christmas, It's hard to get a seat in the hotel on vacation. What is the problem of Hindu holidays? Kingdom of Meghalaya Christianity Hindus come to visit Meghalaya or Shillong on Puja holidays. As the hotels increase in rent, the seats are hard to find. So what's the problem in Christmas? Then Christians celebrate Christmas. It is said that the roads are closed.

Whatever you take with it: Of course, you will take a few bucks from the country. Do not forget to photocopy your passport and take pictures of yourself. Will work in danger.

Shoes and Dresses: T-shirts, jackets, mobile paint, good grappling shoes will take you to the shoes. Most of the fountains are going down the hill to see them. The news will be confirmed when heavy cloths fall.

Perfect combinations: 4 are perfect. Small cars can make a reserve. Follow the following tour plan and read every 5000 rupees.

Dollar to taka conversion: BDT 8 to buy dollars from Bangladesh. India will go to 62 rupees to break Take money for Rupees 75 paisa. Decide which one you will take But if you take the money, Dauki will exchange the market. Exchanging at Shillong is difficult.

Immigration to go Shillong

By visiting the Bangladesh Immigration Office, you will get the form by showing a passport. Then fill it and submit it with the passport. When you call it by name, you will get your picture by signing the photo (according to the passport). When the passport will be returned, the babus of Bengal will have to pay 100 rupees. Yes, it is still perfect, though. Can not talk a little bit. Talking will be a problem. Then go to the customs. You will sign and submit a passport there. If you take a camera (DSLR) or computer with it, then they must tell them. Otherwise, it will be difficult to come.

Indian immigration officers are very good. They will not see anything. Do not want money or rupees. Just submit a passport and take it back. Do not want to know what is taking and do not need to speak. They know that there is not much to buy from here. Do not worry while coming back from India.

Dawky to shillong car
Shawl from Dauki can be seen in two ways. One car is reserved. And two local cars If the reserve is selected then the car that is selected will be yellow plates number. The Yellow Plate means service cars that give tax to the government. And the white plate means private. The driver must tell the following areas to show. Note that the carriage of immigration points can be found there. After showing all the areas, the rent will be 2500 rupees.

What to watch: 

Dauki Bridge, Dauki Village, Watch Tower, Boral False, Warnken False, Living Route Bridge, Molinonong Village.

And if the local car goes to Dauki-To-Shillong, the bus fares will be 160 rupees. If the sumo car costs Rs 280. Note that the Sumo car is our jeep-like car. If you want to go to the local car, you must first go to the Dauki market from immigration point. If you reserve a car for about 2 km, then you will be charged 100 rupees. You can also walk on foot.

Tips: First, fix your watch time. 30 minutes behind the clock clock.

Speak: Everyone can understand Bangla so please talk in Bangla. You can also speak Hindi. And those who know English can speak English too. Khasiyar Hindi did not understand. They only know Khasi and English.

Where to stay at Shillong, Meghalaya

The police market will be there. Khasiyara drinkers in the big market trouble trouble. Before checking in the hotel, check if there is a water heater in the washroom. If not, you can not take a bath during the cold. There is no need to wash anything if absolutely not needed. If washed, it is difficult to dry.

Hotel Hill Station
Police Bazar, Shillong
Phone: 0364-2223666
Rent: 800 rupees Double Bed On / Off Season Same Rate

Hotel Munson
Rent: 1500 rupees double bed at the price of Rs.

Asootos Inn
Gs Rose, Shillong
Phone: + 91-0364-2221276, + 91-9436165135
Rent: If you are over 2000 rupees more then. If less then 1000/1200 rupees double bed.

Where to take the dollar to break?

John Pierre Down the center point hotel.

Eat and drink at Shillong

The morning breakfast will be taken from the police box in front of the police box. Eat lunchtime at the culinary hotel. And take dinner at the same restaurant. But at 8 o'clock before eating. Because all of the hours are closed at 8 pm.

Breakfast: Take the police from the front of the police box box. The cost will be lower.

Lunch and dinner: If you want to eat at the Muslim Hotel, you can eat at Hotel Savera. Address:
Hotel Savera
Thana Road (Police Bazar) Near Masjid,
But it is good to say that even if there is less money to eat, the food is not a test. If you want to eat in the restaurant like a pani / pakkabai, then you have to go to Hotel Suruchi. Address:

Hotel Suruchi
MTC Building, Jail Road, Shillong

Special food at Shillong

1. Mamos
2. Zilpi
3. Banana
4. Puri vegetables

Do not eat that?
1. Do not eat soup (they eat raw) Will not be fun
2. If there is any item made of meat, then know that it is made of meat. Since most of the Christians, so most of the meat items are made from pork. Avoid meat items.
3. Tea-coffee The size of the cup is like the quota of our medicines. The price is too big. And taste is disgusting.
4. Jam, Pineapple, and Chanachur market, which you can easily find. Buy it and buy it. Taste tastier
Cringe Cring Shopping Shopping
Police can make huge shopping malls shopping in the market. Other bigger markets. But keep in mind that if shopping on the big market, you will come back before 5pm. And after the shopping, keep the receipt.

What to buy

1. Dresses
2. Shoes
3. Items made from Bashar
4. Electronic products
5. Cosmetics items
6. Chawlak, Bishkit
Hence roaming around
Read out at room 6 or 6.30 in the morning. Then the police travel in front of the police police box and go back and forth. Why come out in the morning? Two reasons. Once upon a time, everything will be clear. The cloud will not be there. As the day progresses the clouds rise. Two pm will return before 3. Why come back? Then you can shop.

Where do you need to reserve a car for travel?
To reserve a car to travel, you have to do it in front of the police box in the police market. Do not forget to see what you will do before repairing the car.

Driver: Alim Majumder. My name as Imran (Imran Sylhet) can say.
Mobile Number: +91948516439 (whatsaap) + 919863020472 (personal number)
Note that he did not get commissioned. So be careful caution.

Tour plan

1st day
Take the time to visit (if you go to the reserve car): Dauki Bridge, Dauki Village, Watch Tower, Borhal Falas, Warnken Falas, Living Route Bridge, Molinonong Village.
The cost will be: 2500 rupees.
2nd day
You will be able to see the car: Nukkialii crop, Moushumi Keiv, Seven Sister, Waikawa Falas.
The cost will be: 1800 rupees.

3rd Day
To reserve the car you will see: Sweet Falls, Lightroom, Lady Hydroe Park, Ward's Lake, All Saints Church, King's House, Big Lake Lake / Orchid Lake / Umium Lake.
The cost will be: 3000 rupees

4th day
When you come to Bangladesh, you will see: Elephant False, Impounding Village, Karensuri Falls.
The cost will be: 3000 rupees
Shillong tours at low rates
Sylhet Sobhanighat to Tamabil: 55 taka for bus fares
Immigration Office to Dauki Bazar: 50 Taka (2 people will be present)
Shocking from Dauki Bazar: Sumo car will cost Tk 220 If you live then 180 rupees per person.
Shillong hotel costs: 500 rupees per person (affordable hotel)

Eat: Muslim restaurants pay 60 rupees per person.

Wave: Meghalaya tourism, with the help of less money travel. Check out their offers.

Shillong: The tour covers the following places of tourist interest:
Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Lady Hydari Park, Laitumkhrah Cathedral, Wards Lake, Golf Course, State Museum.

Tour Fares:
Delux Video Coach: Rs. 100 / - per Person
Sumo / Mini Delux Coach: Rs. 120 / - per Person
Tourist Cab: Rs. 175 / - per Person

Shillong-Barapani: The tour covers the following places of tourist interest:
Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Lady Hydari Park, Laitumkhrah Cathedral, Wards Lake, Golf Course, State Museum, Bishop Beadon Falls, Barapani Lake.

Tour Fares:
Delux Video Coach: Rs. 150 / - per Person
Sumo / Mini Delux Coach: Rs. 175 / - per Person
Tourist Cab: Rs. 200 / - per Person

Sohra (Cherrapunjee): The tour covers the following places of tourist interest:
Mawkdok Valley, Ramkrishna Mission, Nohkalikai Falls. Mawsmai Caves, Eco Park, Nohsngithiang Falls, Thangkharang Park, Motrop (Giant conical rock).

Tour Fares:
Delux Video Coach: Rs. 200 / - per Person
Sumo / Mini Delux Coach: Rs. 230 / - per Person
Tourist Cab: Rs. 375 / - per Person

Mawsynram: The tour covers the following places of tourist interest:
Mawjyngbuin Cave, Khrench Khrench (Cracked Rock), Rit Mawksir (view point), Jakrem (Hotwater Spring).

Tour Fares:
Delux Video Coach: Rs. 240 / - per Person
Sumo / Mini Delux Coach: Rs. 260 / - per Person
Tourist Cab: Rs.500 / -per Person

Nartiang: The tour covers the following places of tourist interest:
Durga Mandir, Shiv Mandir. Monolith Park, Thadlaskein Lake, Thadlaskein Resort

Tour Fares:
Delux Video Coach: Rs. 210 / - per Person
Sumo / Mini Delux Coach: Rs. 250 / - per Person
Tourist Cab: Rs. 500 / -per Person.

For more details contact - Tourist Information Center, MTDC Ltd., Police Bazar Ph. No: 0364-2226220 or visit:
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