Paindu Saitar / Tinap Saitar , Roangchori, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Paindu Saitar/ Tinap Saitar , Bandarban (Photo: Abu Naser)

Pindu Saitar / Tinap Saitar is located in Rongchhari in Bandarban, which is now the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. If you want to walk you have to walk 40 kilometers. Again that will be back in the way. The meaning of the word saita in the bomb language is Shower Later it was known that the name of the river is Tinap Saitar Waterfall.

Paindu Saitar (Photo: Abu Naser)

On reaching Bandarban, the bus will have to go from the bus stand of Roangchhari to the local bus to Rohangchari. From there there will be 23km walk guide and Ranin laid. On the night after 4/5 hours walk from Ranin Para (depending on the pace of the speed and the stamina, time may be more or less less) Pindu canal and crossing the huge hills when suddenly emerged in front of the eyes, this tinaped saita, all cast, turned into pains That is, weird love, a strange drug addiction.

How to go

First you have to go to Bandarban town. Many transport companies leave the bus to Bandarban every day from various places in Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban riding on one of the buses such as Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. They leave for Bandarban at Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at 10pm or around 11:30 pm. Rs. 550 per house for non AC bus AC 950 Taka

Chittagong can go to Bandarban. Pudali and Purbani Paribahan buses from Baddharhat to Bandarban are settled. These buses are priced at Tk 220 per person.

From where the bus stops, go to the bus station of Rohangchori to pay the tamatam ten taka. Rohanchhari buses leave for an hour, so you can go to Bandarban and wash your face and get the opportunity to be fresh. Then they rented 60 rupees per person in Rongchari. It takes a couple of hours to reach. However, if you want to take Mahindra's reserve from Hotel Hillview then you can take it. The cost will be in 1000-1200. Mahindra is a very nice vehicle for 12 to 14 people. It will take an hour.

After going to Rowangchari, you can buy the chips, pulses, spices, chickens, eggs, and anabhaapati which you want to buy for a few days with the guide. If the guide says that the guide itself can be marketed in advance. Good grap sandals are available in the Rohangchori market. Pair price will be worth 150 bucks. There is a hotel named Radhamon, you can take rest for hours if you feel tired. After the rest of your next destination will be 'Raninpara'.

Tinap Saitar, Bandarban (Photo: Abu Naser)

There are two ways to reach Raninpara. Go to the moon car or walk. When the moon carries a reserve, it costs Rs 5500. Between two and two and a half hours you will get close to a cliff. From there you have to walk for hours. And if it is very tolerant and if the heart is excited after seeing the hill, then come down from Rohingchari to the street. The hill rhythm will be walking along the city of Rohangchari for quite some time. After reaching Ranikpara, it will take at least six to seven hours to reach the climbing stairs. If nature is natural, then it will be very enjoyable at the beginning. Ever see the side of the adjacent hill is far away, and you will see the waves of the broad mountain ranges, and sometimes you will have to walk through the narrow streets in the middle of Thababunot's jungle.

Get to rest after reaching Raninpara. Here is the guide. They will arrange your stay, bathing and eating. Most people of Raninparha are the Bam Nation. Apart from this, there are also several Tanchangayas. There are tea shops, there are water settlements. Raninparara is a paradise, compared to the remote areas nearby. You can take mobile or camera charges from here. Some solar home lighting systems are available for solar power. After reaching Raninpura, you have to report to the army camp. But if you have already negotiated your guide, then this may not be a problem. The next day will start the journey on the way to Tinap. So it is better to try to fall asleep as fast as possible when reaching Raninparra.

Try to go from Raninparha to TinaPa Saita as soon as possible to start the journey as early as morning. Tinap Saitara is located 13 km away from Raninparha. It will take at least four hours to go. Walking in the mountains is very difficult to walk. So it's better to eat something light. Keep thinking of taking away with bag-tags! Only take water and other snacks. From Raninparha, one-and-a-half-feet walk will reach Debharapara. If you want to bring some noodles or sapuji to cook it here.

You will need to get to the hill from Debra Para. This road is excellent. On both sides of the forested hills, you can sometimes see the neck. These are the wild cow (Gaur) and the cows of the domestic cattle. When the eyes are open, the snake or the scalp can be seen. But you have to be careful. The stones that walk through it are very slippery for the water and shawlara welfare. Bacayada is not diversified in hand and foot while playing.

You will have to walk a little bit above the rhyme. The roads here are difficult, but not dangerous. Walking through the hills, the huge pyndu canal will be seen from the top of the hill. Prior to the Pindu canal, a steep mountain road has come down, while going down with it, it is better to get down.

Tinap Saitha can also be visited by Pindu Canal, and you can also go through a few stray mountains. The roads of Pindu canal are more beautiful and the danger of danger is more. There is tremendous flow in some parts of the canal If the guide is efficient, however, you will be able to overcome them effortlessly. But during the rainy season, it is better not to go through Pindu canal. If you do not know if you can not swim, certainly not.

But the way we go, the thunderbolt will be heard when we get near Tanap. After that, the huge waterfall in front of you will see. There are huge trees lying in the vicinity and the trees that flow in the torrent. On the other side, the steep jungle hill has climbed over a hundred feet. Go to any one stone, or go to the bottom of the shower and bathe in cold water. The body will come out of mind. There is no longer a big tonic to forget all the fatigue of passage. Seeing with your eyes, you can understand why there is no official announcement, why is the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh called Tanap! Take a bath in the water of the waterfall, take a break. After seeing such a nice waterfall, there is no need to return and special physical pain.

Another route is - Bandarban-Rohangchari-Kepalpingpara-Pankhiangpara-Ranipara-Debashrapara-Tinap Saatar-Atapara-Ruma-Bandarban.

There is a lot of walks in this area but the trayala is great. Roangchari from Bandarban to Mahindra (rental 600-800) or Chand's car (rental 800-1000 taka) Take permission from army camp and police station with a guide from Rohangchari Bazar. From Rohangchari to Keplangpara, Pankhiangpara, Ranipara and Ranipara Army camps have to be allowed, Ranipara should be stopped at night (Rs 100-150 per person, Rs 100 per person per person). The next day, from Ranipara to Debchapara, Tinap Saatara, there will be Atapara on the new bank, atapara at night atapara (stay per 100 taka, eat 80 rupees per person). The next day, Chandpur car (rental 4000-6000 rupees) from Atapara and Bandarban via Ruma

Where to stay

There is a hotel named Radhamon in Roangchari. Rent rooms will cost 150-200 rupees per hour. If you want, you can spend the night here. AC room 1500 taka and non AC room 500 taka In addition to Radhaman, you will find several hotels in the same facility at almost the same cost. Apart from this, there are arrangements for staying in the houses of the tribal people of Ranin that guide the system.


Talking with the guide from Dhaka will keep the message. The cost of the guide is at least 500 taka per day, the rest depends on the situation. With this, Raninpara has to pay Tk 150 for every night and also for the cost of cooking, loincloth etc. You can also take the guide with the market, or keep the guide in advance. This place is not yet a tourist spot. So the guide will not try to cut your throat, you can be sure about it. As a man, everyone here is hospitable and honest. Therefore, it is better to not go for bargain. One such guide is James Anderson. He is very well-known in Raninapara people. Her mobile number (0187951508/01/015345720)

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