Hum Hum Waterfall, Sreemangal, Moulovibazar [Travel Guide]

Hum Hum Waterfall, Moulovibazar, Photo: Shaikat Dev

A natural waterfall located in the Kurma Forest Bit area, under the ham Ham or Hammam or Cheetah Jhorna, in Rajkandi reserve forest of Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh. Many residents called it Hammam Jharna. This waterfall was hidden behind the scenes for a long time. This waterfall has not been seen by anyone because of the remote roads and outside the locals. The trend of transparent water flutters in a rocky rock, like the hard rock, the body of the hills leopte. The sound of flowing streams flowing from a height of about one and a half feet above the lonely, calm mountains is going on in the plain. The name does not know the plantation of trees, shrubs, bamboo, wildfires and fruit trees in the heart of the grave. It can not be easily seen from the beauty of wild fountain.

When will you go

Fountain Youth is rainy season. In the rainy season the water flow is spreading over tremendously. Falling in winter, only one fountain falls.

How to go Ham Ham waterfall

Srimangal must go from Dhaka. Travel from Dhaka to Srimangal on the road and road. Intercity train Parabat Express leaves Dhaka at Kamalapur on Tuesday at 6:40 pm except for Tuesday. Jayantika Express at 2 pm. Apart from Wednesday, the Wagon Express leaves at 10pm every day of the week. Rent Tk 115 to Tk 765

Apart from Chittagong, the Pahariika Express leaving at 8:15 pm every morning except for Monday. Udayan Express on Saturday noon at 9 pm except Saturday. Rent Tk 140 to Tk 943

Srimangal will come to Sylhet from Sylhet train station from Sayedabad, Kamlapur, Arambagh, Hanif, Shyamoli, Mamun, Unique etc. or Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka. Shyamoli Transport- 02-7540993,07550071 Shohag Transport-02- 9344477, 01711-6124433 Saudia-101919-65485801919-654861

Srimangal down and take the hotel to do good. If you come to the night car, you will have breakfast from Srimangal and go to 9. If you go to the day's car, you will leave Ham Hame Waterfall at night from the hotel at night and take breakfast in Kadma Market on the way. You will find many CNGs around Srimangal Hotel, you will have to go from Srimangal to Kalaban Para, and you will be told to go to Hoham. Pick up up to 1500 taka. Where the Kalpana Para reached, tea worker goes as guide guide, Gaud will take 200/300 taka. Within half an hour, there should be about two and a half hours in the forests of the forest and the forest, Ham Ham in around 7-7 in the forest. You have to rise up high, so be careful. Along with that, take the stick from here, take 5 taka. For the joke of salt or rose. It's about 5 hours to go.

Where to stay

The best place for staying in Srimangal is T-resort on the Vanuagachh road (Phone 01712-916001). Among other places - Hotel Grand Sultan (five stars) - 01552-683454, Rainforest Resort (01938-305706), T Town Rest House, Hotel Plaza (862655, 01711-33605), BTRI - 08626-71225 etc. These hotels and resorts are priced from Tk 500 to Tk 5,500.

Apart from the excellent two resorts of Srimangal Radnagar, the Nisarg Nirab Echo Resort (01715041207) and the Nissas Lichibari Echo Rorsot (01716939540)

There are also some hotels where there can be accommodation, costing of 500/800 taka. But there is no better way to stay around the Hammam Jharna area. But if you can adapt yourself, then you can stay in the indigenous homes of Telangbari or Kalban Para.

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