Home of Poet Jasim Uddin, Faridpur [Travel Guide]

Home of Polli Kobi (Village Poet) Joshim Uddin, Faridpur

The house of village poet Jasim Uddin at Gobindapur village on the south side of the Kumar river to the north of Ambikapur railway station of Faridpur Sadar upazila. There are four old tin steam houses in the house. Various materials used by the poet are preserved in the rooms. Various writings of the poet have been displayed in the home of the house.

Homesteads in the east and west of the house and a small pond in the south. The place of the poet's grave in the north of the house. Pucca road and kumar river beside the graveyard The poet has been lying forever under the pomegranate tree from the date 14-03-1976. The Kabir graveyard is made of pucca tops and glimpses surrounded by glimpses. Kabir's father-in-law Anwar Uddin Mollah, mother Amena Khatun (Ranga Chitu), poet's wife Begum Momtaj Jasim Uddin, elder son Kamal Anwar (Hashu), elder son's wife Jarinina, elder brother of Kabir Alhaj Mofizuddin Molla , Kabir Sijo Bhai - Sayed Eidan Ahmed Molla, Kabir's younger brother-Professor Nooruddin Ahmed, Kabir's younger sister-Nurun Nahar (Saju) grave.

How to go 

First you have to go from Faridpur to Dhaka. Buses from Dhaka to Faridpur are: Nabil Transport (Phone: 0-9007036, 02-9011143), Goldlines and Ajmari Enterprises (Air Conditioned, Phone: 0631-66988, Mobile: 0175552200, 0173320887), Zack Enterprise (Phone 0171422434), Saudi Arabia Phone: 0631-63644, Mobile: 01916136531, 01717605576).

Poet's house is 2 kilometers away from Faridpur bus station. Go to rickshaw, autorickshaw or private car.

Where to stay

After visiting Faridpur, there are several residential hotels for travelers to stay. Faridpur bus stand is a distance of 1 kilometer from the residential hotel, the rick rent is 10 taka. Residential Hotel Lowest Price 80 Taka Maximum Rent 900 Taka There are both single and double beds in residential hotels. Circuit houses for government employees and employees.

Hotel name mobile number rental
Hotel Raffle Inn + 06-31-61106 AC-9 00 / -
Nonac-340 / -
Hotel Luxari + 06-31-62623 AC-9 00 / -
Nonac-340 / -
Hotel Padma + 06-31-62623 AC-400 / -
Non AC-160 / -
Hotel Park Palace 0155637067 AC-350 / -
Nonac-150 / -
Hotel Shyamoli + 06-31-64538 AC-350 / -
Nonac-150 / -
Hotel Jonki + 06-31-64168 Nonac-60 / -
Raj BOADING 017725068788 Non AC-80 / -
Regional Rice Research Institute + 06-323-56329 100 / - NonAC

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