Modhutila Eco Park, Sherpur [Travel Guide]

Modhutila Eco park

Modhutila Eco Park is fully funded under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, with about 100 hectares of mountainous forests, located in the Nalitabari upazila of Bangladesh-India border and under the division of Mymensingh Forest Division, controlled by the division of Modhutila range of Greater Mymensingh Sherpur district. The modern facility, the Muditila Ecocharkt, has opened the entertainment gates to the beauty pageants by attracting local and foreign tourists. Madhutila Ecopark, a distance of 20 kilometers from the Nalitabari upazila on the border of Sherpur district, is a unique entertainment center. Nijhum Island has many small and big hills. Tura Hills of Meghalaya state, located two and a half kilometers from the side. Modhutila Ecopark is being built on the cutting edge of the tree of forest trees to protect the balance of biodiversity. Ecotected by various types of animals, the natural beauty of the small and large number of the mountain ranges are really delightful. Forest Beat Muntila, surrounded by natural beauty, is an attractive amusement place.

What does Modhutila Eco Park have?
Modhutila Eco Park
Tourism facilities include 15 acres of auspicious and rare species forestry. There are 20 acres of forests in the forest, including the cultivation of medicinal herbs, rest houses, homes. The four-room sophisticated resthouse is under construction. Various wildlife sculptures have two hands, two tigers, fisheries, eagles, hanuman, pawns, snakes, crocodiles, deer, kangaroo, frogs, lions, etc. Infrastructural works include observation towers, 1 star bridge, public toilets, sitting space. There are 3 paddle boats and 5 domestic boats for sowing and using the lake. Presently, eCorkers are open to visitors-tourists. There is a growing crowd increasingly touring the tourism center. Many people are enjoying unrestrained pleasures in the tranquil peace environment. Traveling from across the city's racket every day, travels from across the country, thirsty, is coming to see alluring natural beauty. The mountains after the hills roam the mountains. There is huge range for entertaining.

Modhutila to go to the left side of the Ecopark Gate, in the observation tower. It has been built on top of the hill. Stand on the observation tower to enjoy the fun, silent-silence of nature. As if a frozen window Everywhere in the green state You will see the hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya, located just a few miles away. Valuable and rare plant. The main gate of Ecopark will be seen in Peru, wildlife elephant sculptures. It is standing in reality. A few feet will be seen by the Kumari fisherman in the corner of the lake and 3 pedal boats and five domestic boats in the lake. The water of the fishery has come in the Lake of Lake. At the right side of Culvert, there is a light breakfast, tea and coffee shops. A little excited, the beautiful Star Bridge, built on the Lake of Lake. Hundreds of people together can enjoy the banqueting banquet. There are artificial crocodiles nearby. Looks realistic to see. Then, in the greater area, there will be a glimpse of the various animal sculptures. The place to sit in place. The highlands are cut into sloping roads to go to the resthouse. Suitable for private-micro running, in the middle of a rigid paved street, there are several colored stones that do not slip out. And if you stand on top of the bottom, it will be like a row of flowers. There are two side biodiversity portraits. If you see the sculptures, it would seem like the perfect picture of the artist's hand. Standing on the curved stairs of the Resthouse can be enjoyed by the enchanting environment of nature. Looking at the high mountains, it seems like the water stream and the lake is already under the lake. Actually, they are on the mountain road. Take a break and rest in the resthouse. Enjoy the resthouses' modern amenities. Then after eating and drinking, go out again from mountain to hills, on the other hills. Bio-diversity, wildlife sculptures, and scenes with nature, take pictures in the camera, remember the past remembering the past. If you have time to return, you can go to the nearby Bhermari Mission or Christian Mission. It is also known as the attractive tourist spot of the district. Again, it is very close to the village of Mudhtila, one of the tourist centers of greater district, the Ghajini Vacation Center, which has already been known as the most advanced tourist center across the country.

How to go to Modutilla Ecopark

Modhutila Eco Park
Tourism center Madhutila Ecopar can go directly from Dhaka with Pivot Car, Microbus, Minibus and big buses. Apart from Mohakhali Bustaminalal, Sherpur's Dreamland, Turag, Joy or other services are available. They can go to Sherpur on the 90-to-140 Taka and go straight to the 30-kilometer paved road in the Mexical-Taxi or pick-up van, at Modhutila Ecopark or Picnic Spot. You can also go to Nokla Nalitabari upazila to save some time in the Maxi-Taxi or pickup van. However, it is a good trip to take a private car into a group. It will take 4/5 hours to go to the spot.

Where to eat

In the spot-area shops, you can find all kinds of mineral water, drinks, tea-coffee, food and drinks. But fast food or heavy food can not be found there, so take the food according to their choice. You can also cook or arrange for cooking with permission from the adjacent Range Office at the spot in spots. Although there is no suitable spot for cooking, at this time, under the management of the free sky, the cooking must be cooked under the sky. Modern amenities can be booked by booking a room with a four-room restroom.

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