Chalan Beel, Sirajganj [Travel Guide]

Chalan Beel, Sirajganj

Chalan Beel is one of the biggest beel and rich wetlands in Bangladesh. The country's largest beel is a collection of many small beels connected by canals or water bodies. In the rainy season, all of them together have become a water channel in the area of approximately 368.00 sq km. The beell is located in three districts adjacent to Natore, Pabna and Sirajganj (Sirajganj). Chalan Beel extends most of the two places in Raiganj of Sirajganj district and Chatmohar upazila of Pabna district. Besides, three quarters of the Taras police station in Sirajganj district are located in the Aill. The southeastern edge of the beel extends up to Nunanagar in Pabna district up to Astimania. The northern boundary of Chalan Beel in this district is the line drawn from the eastern end of Singra to the Bhadai river, which indicates the boundary between Natore, Pabna and Bogra district. The east boundary of the beel will be drawn if a line of north-south direction is drawn along the Tarash upazila and Pabna district on the eastern bank of the Bhadai river. The widest part of the beel is about 13 km from Tarash on the north-east corner to Narayanpur in the north bank of the Gumani river. It is the longest distance from Singra to Gumini border in Kachika, 24 km.

The small beels that constitute Chalan Beel are Pipul, East Madhya Nagar, Lorore, Dangapara, Tajpur, Nialala, Chalan, Majgaon, Briyo, Chonmohon, Shatail, Khardah, Darikushi, Kazipara, Ganja, Barabil, Sonapatila, Ghuhudh, Kurlia , Gurka, Dakshibil and Chiral.

Several rivers flow through Chalan Beal. Among them are: Karatoya, Atrai, Gud, Baral, Mora Baral, Tulsi, Bhadai, Chikni, Baronja, Telkupi etc.

Various species of fish are available in the Chalan beell: Chital, Kai, Magura, Shing, Taki, Boal, Shol, Fruit, Rumi, Mrigal, Shrimp, Tengra, Mousi, Kalibus, Rita, Gajar, Baau, Sarupati, Titapati, Junk, Guj, Gagar, Baghaar, etc.

After watching the Chalan beel, you can see the Chalnabil Museum. A museum in the village of Ghulzipur in Gurdaspur upazila. Local teacher Abdul Hamid has built his own personal effort in 1978, at an exceptional level. In addition to the numerous maps available in Chanli, there are many rare collections besides fishing equipment. From Natore, the bus from Gurdaspur upazila can cross the river and come to rickshaw in the museum of the village of Chhajiipur.

How to go Chalan Beel

Chalan Beel
If you want to come from Sylhet, Dhaka or Chittagong division as Chalan Beel is in the control of Natore, Sirajganj and Pabna districts of North Bengal, then you will come to Dhaka. In Rajshahi car from Dhaka, we will get Sirajganj or Natore's passenger. Chachaichar Bazar is about 8 km away from Kaktika, passing through the Kakota. 5-6 keys to the tea market Mr. The Chalanabi Museum, built on the edge of Chanball, is located in the village of Ghazipur. And after that the Chalanbali museum will get the desired channel.

Sirajganj can be reached from Dhaka on the road and rail route. Saurabh Transport from Mohakhali of Dhaka, SI Enterprise, Unique bus from Gabtali goes to Sirajganj Rent 170 taka Sirajganj from Cinema Palace in Chittagong, Simant Super service from Dampara Station Road, Unique service on the Road. Rent 350 Taka

Besides, the train from Dhaka to Sadanandpur station, seven kilometers away from Sirajganj city. Intercity train Khulna-bound Sundarban Express, Rajshahi-bound SilkCity Express, Padma and Lalmoni express trains stopped at Sadanandpur station from Dhaka. Rent only Tk 110-125

Local boats will be available to travel to Chalan Beel. For a good day, a boat will be worth a hundred rupees to Tk. 600. Besides, the engine boats will be available from Taka 1 thousand to 2 thousand taka. If you do not know swimming, you must take with life jackets. Crawl while traveling on the boat, do not skip

Where to stay

The best hotels to stay in Sirajganj city are: Hotel Al Hamra, (01745629264, 0751-64411) AC bed bed 500, AC double bed room 700, non-AC bed room 450, non-AC di -The house room up to 250 taka Sheikh Mujib Road Hotel Anik (01722171935, 0751-622442) AC One bedroom room 450, AC double bed room 700, non AC AC bed room 150, non-AC double bed room 250 rupees only.

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