Nuhash Polli, Gazipur [Travel Guide]

Nuhash Polii, Gazipur

Nuhash Polli is located in the village of Piroj Ali, which is the largest village in Bangladesh. Late fame Humayun Ahmed (Humayun Ahmed) has established this natural affinity Nuhash Palli, in Gazipur, near Dhaka. Hattapara Bazar is about 12 kilometers away from Gazipur crossing. Nuhash Palli, located in Pirojali village, 8 km away from there, is made up of 40 bighas of land. Suddenly, a piece of clean garden in the jungle. Quiet atmosphere. The olive tree symbolizes litchi, jam and peace above. Green grass carpet below. As a piece of peace Niketon Humayun Ahmed, the legendary author of the modern Bengali literature, is here in a permanent sleep.

Schedule - Open daily from 8am to 5pm daily.

What's in the nuhash palli

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur
There are rare species of 250 species of rare, medicinal, fruit and forest trees. Each tree has its own set plate, which can be easily seen by the trees. Small houses were built on a large tree in the middle of the green field. There is a date garden on the east side of the garden. On one side of the garden there is a modern house of "rain luxury". Another attraction of Nuhash Pilli is "Leelabati Dighi" Various trees around the dighi. There is also the Sanctuary Gate. An island in the middle of the pond. There are many nortel trees

Apart from this, the bust of Humayun Ahmed and the grave, Padmapukur, Sauraber stone mermaid, the fame of the prehistoric animals, the Aberthrobarrow swimming pool designed in organic form where Sunil Gangopadhyay and Humayun Ahmed came together in water, chess pots, T-Houses All the architectural forms There are three bungalows, including Bhoot Vilas, Rainboys, in this garden.

How to go Nuhash Palli

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur
If you want to go from Old Dhaka, go from Gulistan to Dhaka Paribahan, which goes to Kapasia and get up to the bus of Parvati Banasree, which is ready to go from Mohakhali, if you want to come from Mohakhali, Emperor Line, Ambassador Transport, Down Town, get on the bus. Now you can go to Hotapara and go to CNG or Leguna or mechanical rickshaw to Nuhas Palli. Remember that the buses of Mymensingh and Pravarti Banasree Paribahan buses are delayed very late in Gazipur crossing. But the empire lines or the ambassador or Dhaka transport buses went down.

How much to count
From April to November, Nuhash Palli is open every day for all visitors. Tickets for the first 12 years will require 200 taka. But November-March was originally hired for picnics. For every picnic, maximum 300 people in 1 group will be able to come. For public holidays, it will be counted for picnic 60 thousand rupees, another day 50 thousand taka. Besides, for the public holidays, the rent of the educational institution for the picnic will be 50 thousand rupees, and for the other days the rent will be 40 thousand taka.

There is no arrangement to stay in Nuhash Palli. There is a chance to get a rest in the bungalow named Rishi Vilas. But to spend time in the bungalow named Bhoot Luxury, it will cost 3000 to 5000 taka.

Contact address
Phone: 01911920666

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