Tindu, Thanchi, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Tindu, Bandarban. Photo:Masud Anondo

Many people understand Bandarban, Nilgiri, Nilchal, Gold Temple or Baga Lake. In addition to these beautiful decorations of nature, Bandarban has some other heavenly places. One such place is named Tandu, which is known as the Geography of Bangladesh. Thanchi (Thanchi) is an administrative area of Bandarban district. Thanchi Upazila headquarters of Bandarban city is 82 km away. Due to the attraction of natural attraction, the three-point region is known as an attractive tourist destination for adventure-loving tourists. Sky-Fog-Cloud-River-Stones-Hill-Shower-Forest-Blue Green Water and Mystery-Thrillers-Fear-If You Want To Get All Out Once If you want to find out the door after blowing the clouds in the morning, then you have to thank yourself again for growing in this country.

Tindu, Bandarban
The biggest feature of the country of cloud-fog is the rainy season in the rainy season, the clouds go up in the boat, and the head gets wet after a whirl of clouds disappears for a while. There is a hard rock in the chest, running around without a target, the transparent water drops. Two corridors have gone on the side of the three-dimensional side, all day long, there has been a ruckus in the hills with clear water. Water and stones have formed here, the nikasikantha created here, there is no hole in one hand, no unevenness. The rocky beaches of the three pyramid have added a new dimension here.

If the daughter of Bandarban (Bandarban) goes ahead and moves towards the top, then it will seem to be changing in minute minutes, in the bottom of the water, the small stones collapsed, and the wounds started flowing out of the river and their head went out of the river. The name of the place is 'Big Stone'. The river has come here, like the stairs, to the bottom of the feet, the boat is pushed to the top of the pole, from there to the top of the cloud above it. Here rainbows with stone and water mix well. The green leafy branches of the tree lying on the banks of the river, giving shelter to those rainbows in the upper floors. Here you can see the sunrise, by blowing the clouds, blowing the eyes in the eyes of the sunset here.

A white-black museum of water and stone is formed around this three-dimensional. Here the hillside water drowning with the new fish of the new path all day, but do not sweat the tiredness of the ear, by the lash of the ear, but there is a dense cloud surrounded by the cloud but it does not need to be dirty. Here are the water-related gatherings. It is a country of cloud, it is the country of fog, it is a land of rocky water, it is three-dimensional, cloud-fog.

How to go

First you have to go to Bandarban town. Many transport companies leave the bus to Bandarban every day from various places in Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban riding on one of the buses such as Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. They leave for Bandarban at Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at 10pm or around 11:30 pm. Rs. 550 per house for non AC bus AC 950 Taka

Chittagong can go to Bandarban. Pudali and Purbani Paribahan buses from Baddharhat to Bandarban are settled. These buses are rented for 110 taka per person.

Natha Sher-Chand carriage in Bandarban district will go straight to Thanchi. It is better to go to the group. The cost will be lower. You can reserve a Chander car. However, it costs three to four thousand rupees. There is also a local chand car, it will be charged at Tk 100-150.

If you want to go to Thatchini from Bandarban city, you can take a break for some time in Bolipara. If you leave in the morning, Thanchi will reach at noon. After crossing Shanghu, then reach Thanchi market. You can eat it from here. Very well you'll be able to eat here from here.

The first thing you need to do before is to take permission from the BGB and get permission from them. You have to hire your boat from the market. Bandhban Thanjchi will be able to reach the engine boat two hours and 20 minutes after reaching Barndu. Let's say that there is no separate guide available here. So the boat will work your guide. Boat rental costs will depend on the amount of day. For renting a boat, you will have to pay about 8 to 9 hundred rupees per day.

Where to stay

In the house of three women in the union council's house there may be three nights. And if you can take your tent then there is no talk. Apart from this, arrangements for eating food in the bamboo-wooded house will be arranged. Almost every home in Marma has a very low-cost-eating facility. The cost of eating three meals is 200 taka per person, and the free stay is Rs.

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