Paharpur Museum, Naogaon [Travel Guide]

Paharpur Museum, Naogaon , Photo: Sabed Mahmud

Paharpur Buddhist Vihara, the largest and old Buddhist monastery in South Asia, is located about 10 km north of Badolgachhi Upazila Sadar of Naogaon (Naogaon) district. The famous Pala Dharam Prabhu probably built this temple. The Department of Archeology established a museum in the sixties, known as the Paharpur Museum. In 1994, a new museum building was built instead of the old museum. Archaeological collections collected from Bihar and its adjacent areas were used. It is a museum with four galleries. Some of the noteworthy signs in this museum are: busted parts of a medium-sized bronze, terracotta plaques, ornamental bricks, stone statues, terracotta utensils etc. There was a pond in front of the north entrance gate of Paharpur Buddhist monastery until 1984. According to the data obtained in the year 1984-85, the pond was dug after the first construction period and erosion of the stairs was destroyed. Later the pond was filled up. During the excavation 125 silver coins of the reign of Kharif Harun al-Rashid were found in the clay pots, they were preserved in this museum.

Important statues preserved in the Paharpur Museum
Chamunda statue of sandy stone, stained stone in red stone, Vishnu fragment of black stone, Ganesha standing on black stone, idol of Belle stone, oil paintings of Haripur, Murwara images of Harghauri, broken statue of Laxmi Narayan, Krishna statue of Uma, Gauri statue of sandy stone , Vishnu statue of sandy stone, Nandi statue, Vishnu statue of Krishna stone, Sun statue

When is the paharpur museum open?
Ticketing at the Paharpur Museum is 100 taka
From April to September - from 10am to 6pm (Tuesday to Saturn) and from 2:30 pm to 6pm (Monday)
From October to March - 9am to 5pm (Tuesday to Saturn) and from 2:30 pm to 5pm (Monday)
How to go to Paharpur Museum
From any corner of the country to Naogaon town, you can go directly to the historic Paharpur Museum at Naogaon Baludanga Bus Terminal. Approximate distance of approximately 32 kilometers and buses- 30-40 rupees Or you can go to Joypurhat town from any corner of the country to take the bus or autoricka to the Paharpur Museum. The distance from Joypurhat to the Paharpur Museum is just 13 kilometers.

If you want to go to the Jamalnagar Station in Joypurhat and join the train, you will have to take a van or autorickshaw if you want to go to the Paharpur Museum. The distance from Jamalganj to the Paharpur Museum is just 5 kilometers.

Take a train schedule here
(Bangladesh Railway / Train Time Schedule)

Where to stay

There is no arrangement for public to stay in Paharpur. You can return to the daytime or remain in the upazila sadar / district headquarters. However, there is a rest house near the VIPs. Some hotels to stay in Naogaon are Hotel Faryal, Hotel Vacation, Hotel Raj, Hotel Jamuna, Hotel Flood, Hotel Arrivals at the Rewards, Hotel Sarani and Motel Chisti.

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