Adinath Temple. Mondir, Moheshkhali, Cox's bazar [Travel Guide]

Adinath Temple, Moheshkhali, Cox's Bazar

The Adinath temple is situated at the top of Mount Sinai, 85.3 meters high from the sea level. The location of Adinath Temple at Thakurtala village under Gorakhghata Union under Maheshkhali (Maheshkhali) upazila under Cox's Bazar district. It is basically the temple of Mahadev. It is legally known that a farmer receives the statue of Mahesh (the name of the Hindu mythological god Mahadev) inside a forest of this island. Then, a temple was built in the name of this god, and installed it there. Later, with the name of this god named Khali (meaning the canal), this place became known as Maheshkhali. Note that this temple is now called as Adinath Temple. There are 69 stairs to go from this island to this temple.

Adinath Temple, Moheshkhali
Adinath Temple is 10.50 meters long, width is 9.75 meters, and height is 6 meters. The entrance to the temple is bow-shaped. Its internal wall is 1.05 meters and external 0.60 meters. The inside of the temple is divided into three rooms. Its northern chamber is ancient The other two rooms (East and West) were created later. In the first part of its north, there are two square-shaped worship rooms. Its area is 3.35 square meters. Adinath Bartlinga Sivamurti is in the east. And in the western chamber there is the octagonal fortress.

At present, there is a mosque and a Rakhine Buddhist monastery in this temple complex. So many people consider the temple as a symbol of non-communal spirit. Thousands of visitors visit this temple every year on the occasion of Shiva Chaturshi. On this occasion, sit for 10/15 days.

How to go

Maheshkhali, an island located just 12 kilometers west of the city of Cox's Bazar, lies in the sea. Maheshkhali is known as the only hill country of Bangladesh. Boat, launch or speedboat can be reached here in a short time. Everyday in the afternoon, go to Maheshkhali from Chhara Ghat of Cox's Bazar. 65 rupees in the speedboat and Rs. 20 in trawler national boat for about an hour to go to Maheshkhali. There are several hotels for the meal but there is no good hotel to stay.

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