St. Martins Island, Cox's Bazar [Travel Guide]

St Martin Island, Bangladesh

St Martin's Island is a coral island located in the north-eastern part of the Bay of the South of Bangladesh. It is located about 9 kilometers south of Teknaf of Cox's Bazar district and 8 km west of Myanmar coast in the mouth of Naf river. Local coconut is known locally as Narikel Jinjira as it is available for coconut. Traditionally, many years ago, in the unfavorable weather, a commercial ship of Arabia, crushed with a huge stone lying under water, caused shipwrecked cinnamon spread all over the island and later the name of St. Martin's Island became 'Cinnamon Island ' Here was the presentation of Humayun Ahmed's film and Toukir Ahmad in the Daruchini Dwip movie.

St. Martin's Island is a popular tourist center. In the tourist season, there are 5 launches every day going to the mainland of Bangladesh. It can not be enjoyable if St. Martin's real fun is not one-night. If it is better to have two nights. For that one day, Chera Dwip can be allocated for St. Martin's one day. Everyday tourists go back in the afternoon, so after the afternoon the winnability of the island is different. And if you can go to full moon, then there is no word, in the night, on St. Martin's Island, you will grow and increase the desire for survival.

Bike rental
Bicycles can be rented from some places on the island, especially in West Beach, at 60-80 taka per hour. You can walk around the beach and fulfill your desires.

Power facility
There is no connection to PDB or rural electricity in St. Martin. Fully generator based. Resort-hotels usually run generators from 10pm to 11pm from evening. During the day, the water pump can continue for some time. Due to the lack of fan in winter, there is no shortage of daytime on the day. The problem is mobile, camera laptop charging. At night, the jetty means that the rows of ships in the ship do not seem to be in the light of the restaurant, and there is no current on the island. They keep the generator up to many nights.

Drone View of St Martin, Photo: Altitude aerial

Some tips for walking around on St. Martin's

1. To get to St. Martin, you can contact some travel agencies, including Kearney, from Dhaka.
2. From November to March, there are only four months of the ship. To go to another time, you have to go to the trawler.
3. There are many hotels, resorts and cottages now in St. Martin, so there is no space to live.
4. It is a good place to go on holiday on Friday and Saturday to stay at affordable prices.
5. Everything on the island goes out, so the food costs are relatively high.
6. The cost per person for three days will be 5-6 thousand taka. Tables can be increased by 3 to 3 thousand taka more.

How to go St. Martins Island

You can go to Teknaf by bus from Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox's Bazar. Teknaf buses are available in Fakirapul and Saidabad of Dhaka. Eagle, Modern line, S. Alam, Shyamoli, Green line etc. bus goes to Teknaf. It takes 10-13 hours to reach. Regular buses from Chittagong and Cox's Bazar are available for Teknaf. Hiring a micro bus from Cox-Bazar to Teknaf.

You have to cut the ticket in the Teknaf ship ghat. St. Martin's distance from Teknaf is 9 km. To go through the rough sea is here. The sea is quiet during winter, so this time it is much safer to go here. In this tourism season there are several ships or se-trucks, including Teknaf from St. Martin, Green Line water buses, LC Kutubdia, Kajal, Kairi Sinddabad. At 10am, the vessel left for St. Martin and returned at 3pm.

Strollers and speed boats can also be carried out on Saint Martin's Island. Sea trucks operate till April. After this the administration does not let the administration run for it. However, those who want to go as adventureers in the bari season, St. Martin can rent a trawler. But this journey is not very safe. Generally an accident does not happen, but it can happen. So be careful. But there is no alternative except for the real nature of the upland sea or the greed for rain and rain on the secluded islands, there is no alternative to the trawler, the trawler can be rented at 800 taka or even rents for every 100 rupees.

Contact Address of Carey Syndism / Phone Number: 01817201042, 0341-62881, 8125881

Where to stay at St. Martin's Island

Several hotel and resort names and telephone numbers of St. Martin's

1. Blue Marine: 01819063418, 01722473613, 01819063425, 028358485, 9342351,935930 (Booking from Dhaka)
2. Coral Blue Resort: 01713190013, 01713190007
3. Palace Paradise: 01551222211
4. Pacific Resorts: 0173243464 (St. Martin's), 01712643694, 01720939090 (Dhaka)
5. Hotel Dream Probe: 01814274409, 01722545872 (St.Martin), 028611428, 01711-110919 (Dhaka)
6. Sea luxury (Humayun Ahmed's): 01813019839
7. Tibao is also available to these people: 0181901807, 01817042020 (St.Martin), 01819466059, 01819478434, 0191112122, 01711344451 (Dhaka). If you want to climb the sea close to the sea.
Rent Resignable Between 500 and 800.
8. Blue Horizon Resorts: 01730051004 (St. Martin's), 8652374, 01730051005 (Dhaka)
9. Vacation tourism: 01713145584, 934351
10. Coral View Resort: 01980004777

Where to eat
There are almost all residential hotel restaurants, so you can eat there if you like.

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