Chera Dwip, St. Martin, Cox's Bazar [Travel Guide]

Chera Dwip, St Martin, Photo: Sabbir Hasan

Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world. The southernmost location of this delta is the name of the island and the name of the island is Chera Dwip. The island is located 5 kilometers south of St. Martin's Island. The size of the rough island is three kilometers. The endangered island was found in late 2000. It is located 5 kilometers from the island of St. Martin.

Natural scenes can be seen on a Chera Dwip. Marine waves and surreal coconut trees The coral reefs of coral stone and stone will be seen in a Chera Dwip. The moonlight night dressed in chera dwip to decorate her On the moonlight night, any traveler will be delighted to see the beautiful looks of the island. Camping is full of the full moon full of Chera Dwip.

How to go Chera Dwip

You can go to Teknaf by bus from Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox's Bazar. Teknaf buses are available in Fakirapul and Saidabad of Dhaka. Eagle, Modern line, S. Alam, Shyamoli, Green line etc. bus goes to Teknaf. It takes 10-13 hours to reach. Regular buses from Chittagong and Cox-Bazar are available for the purpose of Teknaf. Hiring a micro bus from Cox-Bazar to Teknaf.

You have to cut the Sea Truck ticket at Teknaf's shipyard. Rent 450-550 (with return). St. Martin's distance from Teknaf is 9 km. To go through the rough sea is here. The sea is quiet during winter, so this time it is much safer to go here. In this tourism season, several se-trucks, including Teknaf from St. Martin, Green Line water buses, Keari Sindhibad, are carried out. At 10am, the vessel left for St. Martin and returned at 3pm. From November to March, there are only four months of the ship. To go to another time, you have to go to the trawler.

It can also be trawler and speedboat. Sea trucks operate till April. After this the administration does not let the administration run for it. However, those who want to go as adventureers in the bari season, St. Martin can rent a trawler. But this journey is not very safe. Generally an accident does not happen, but it can happen. So be careful. But there is no alternative except for the real nature of the upland sea or the greed for rain and rain on the secluded islands, there is no alternative to the trawler, the trawler can be rented at 800 taka or even rents for every 100 rupees.

From St Martin's speedboat or to an engine-driven trawler to go to Chera Dwip. They were released from St. Martin's jetty. If you want you can just turn off the island or you can visit all the islands around Chera Dwip.

Where to stay

There is no way to live on a Chera Dwip, there is no reason to stay in the tide due to the drowning of most of the place. So you have to come back to St. Martin. Below are the names and telephone numbers of several restaurants and resorts in St. Martin

1. Blue Marine: 01819063418, 01722473613, 01819063425, 028358485, 9342351,935930 (Booking from Dhaka)
2. Coral Blue Resort: 01713190013, 01713190007
3. Palace Paradis: 01713062569
4. Pacific Resorts: 0173243464 (St. Martin's), 01712643694, 01720939090 (Dhaka)
5. Hotel Dream Probe: 01814274409, 01722545872 (St.Martin), 028611428, 01711-110919 (Dhaka)
6. Sea luxury (Humayun Ahmed): 01813019839
7. Out of bounds: 0181901807, 01817042020 (St.Martin), 01819466059, 01819478434, 0191112122, 01711344451 (Dhaka)
8. Blue Horizon Resorts: 01730051004 (St. Martin's), 8652374, 01730051005 (Dhaka)

Where to eat
There is notable mention of eating on a chera dwip, except for doves and watermelons. There are also small 2-4 tea shops. You have to take heavy food from St. Martin or eat it back to St. Martin.

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