Zinda Park, Narayanganj [Travel Guide]

Jinda Park , Narayonganj

If the destination is too far away, and if the hand is on the whole of the day, then you can come back to Zinda Park in Narayanganj. There are many parks to spend time in Dhaka, but people are afraid of going to parks due to dirt and obscenity. If you want to get rid of the traffic jam, rubbish in Dhaka, you should come out from Zinda Park. The use of great architecture has been enhanced in the park. The park is not a public waste crop. Again, no commercial organization is built. The park was created by the spontaneous participation of the local residents and their vibrant participation. "Pioneer Palli Samiti" with 5000 members of the area started in 1980. This park, which is the longest and lasting 35 years of hard work and abandonment. It is rare to see such a great achievement, such an example of the active participation and sacrifice of such people. There are 3 governing boards in the park called Opus Cabinet, Opus Parliament and Opus Commission. At present, Zinda village is called an ideal village.

Zinda Park's position in Rupganj of Narayanganj It extends over 150 acres of land. There are more than 10,000 trees and plants of 250 species in the park. This monument of the tree has made its environment peaceful, green, and many birds in Calcutta. Cold absorption brings 5 huge reservoirs So it is as warm as the atmosphere of the park will give you peace.

Zinda Park, Narayonganj
Entrance Tickets - 100 Taka
Zinda Park is a very popular place for family picnic. If you cross the wooden bridge, you will enjoy a cup of tea in the bamboo room or a cup of tea in the middle of the dighi and drowning in the water. There is no problem with the car but not the problem. To get home, the cars will get in front of the park, CNG And yes, if you want to make a picnic, contact two or three days ago. The park authorities have arranged picnic food.

The arrangement of eating
There are Mahua Snacks and Mahua Foods Restaurant in the park to eat. Rice / lentils / pulses / meat But after turning around in the park it is better to play 300 feet. It is good to eat at 300 feet and the cost will be less. However, if you want to take a meal out of the park you will have to pay an extra 25 rupees.
Zinda Park, Narayonganj

If you think of walking around Zindabad Park, it would not have been bad if you could not stay away from the night, there was no reason to worry. Because the Mahua guest house has to stay at night.

How to go to Zinda Park

Zinda Park distance from Dhaka is 37 km The bus from Dhaka to the Kanchpur Bridge and the bypass by going through the Kanchan Bridge to Zinda Park. A 5-minute walk from Kanchan Bridge. Or from Dhaka to Tongi Mir Market, by way of Bypass road, Zinda Park can be reached, from Tongi to Zinda Park 28 km distance It is easy to go by Kuril Biswarod's Purbachal Highway. Zinda Park in Leguna will get 30 taka.

Zinda Park's communication address
Website: http://zindapark.com
E-mail: shahin.swd007@gmail.com
Phone: +880 1716260908, +880 1715025083, +880 1816070377

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