Sreepur Jamidar Bari, Magura [Travel Guide]

Sreepur Jamidar Bari, Magura

Sreepur Upazila Headquarters 1 km Among them are the ruins of the palace of the palace. Sardar Ranjan Pal Chowdhury established the zamindari here. Sreepur and adjoining areas were under the zamindari area. Sreepur zamindar house is like a palatial mind-shaped mind, Nandan house is now lying in the ruins of the entrance of the house. History of zamindari is known to have been purchased from the Nawab alivardadi khara. In the marital thread, one of Baro Bhuiya of Bengal was related to Maharaja Pratapaditya of Jessore with Sardar Ranjan Pala Chowdhury. With the son of Maharaja Pratapaditya, Udayaditya was married to Bibhavav Chowdhury, the daughter of zamindar Sardaranjan Pal Chowdhury. Maharaj Pratapaditya came to Sripur this formula. There is a lot more to say that the poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote the novel 'Bauthakuranir hat' on the occasion of Vibhavala Chowdhury. At present, the entrance of the house is in the condition of a lion's heart.

How to go

Hanif, Sohag, Eagle, speed and various buses from Dhaka can always be used in Magura.

Type bus rental
AC buses 850 taka
Chair bus 550 taka
Normal buses 250 taka
15 km north of Magura Sadar The zamindari house is situated in the north of sreepur upazila sadar. Situated on a bus from Magura, 1 kms away from Sreepur stand. The landlord house on the left side of Sreepur-Sakilapur road.

Where to stay?

Although an excellent district, accommodation in Magura is not enough. There are no hotels to mention here. However, the value of the services that are available here are frustrating.

1. Hotel Jalnatika, Sea Believe, Magura Sadar, Magura
2. Chhaya Bithi, District Council, Magura Sadar, Magura
3. Dak Bungalow, District Council
4. Magura Circuit House, District Council, Magura Sadar

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