Vater Vita, Magura [Travel Guide]

Vater Vita, Magura

A village village on the north bank of the Fatki River, on the south and south-western side of Magura Sadar upazila, The names of the villages are mixed with the name. Locally situated in the village of Tila, about 12 kilometers south of Magura district town, the Bhata of Bhata, which is a place of pilgrimage. The place of 'Bhata Bhita' is like a hillock. The monks, who have a miraculous power, started to build the mosque when they traveled to Nishikal. Bhatraadha for the construction workers, when the last construction work was not finished yet. In the morning, the nikak fakhe-pakhali became puffed up in the sun, the calmness of the night. Keep the construction work unfinished and go to the saint. On the way, in the village of Boalkhari in Faridpur district, after seeing the end of the night, he started building mosque and offered Fajr prayers. At the end of the night people could see the unfinished mosque, cooked rice and rice fan spread around the pond. The name of the taller is called Bhita Bhita. Where the fan is trampled like a pond, it is named after Phanaghali. Officially the protection of the archaeological remains was taken. Department of therapeutics began excavation here. As a result of excavation, the existence of relatively small-scale polyhedra-like buildings is found in the architecture of Paharpur Buddhist Bihar. In view of the ruins of 'Bhata Bhita' and the analysis of historical and geographical information, it is estimated that there was a Buddhist conflict in this period, from the third century BC to the Gupta Empire period.


Tila, Maggi Union, Magura Sadar, Magura

How to go Vater Vita

Hanif, Sohag, Eagle, speed and various buses from Dhaka can always be used in Magura.

Type bus rental
AC buses 850 taka
Chair bus 550 Rs
Normal buses 250 taka
It is very easy to reach Bhata Vita in Tila village of Maghi union, about 12 kilometers south of Magura Sadar upazila. To go to Jessore Road from Magura city. It is possible to travel any kind of transport. Moreover, it can reach there from 20 to 30 minutes by autopsy.

Where to stay at Magura

Although an excellent district, accommodation in Magura is not enough. There are no hotels to mention here. However, the value of the services that are available here are frustrating.

1. Hotel Jalnatika, Sea Believe, Magura Sadar, Magura
2. Chhaya Bithi, District Council, Magura Sadar, Magura
3. Dak Bungalow, District Council
4. Magura Circuit House, District Council, Magura Sadak

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