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The main attraction of Joypurhat is Barshibalaya or 12th Shiva temple. The Barshibalaya Temple is situated in Bel-Amla village on the banks of Jamuna, about three miles northwest of Joypurhat Sadar. There are 12 consecrated temples in the surroundings surrounded by natural surroundings.

It is not known exactly in any age and by whom the temples were built. However, the use of the structure and construction of the temple seems to have been made in the Sena era.

Because Sena King Vallabh Sena was a worshiper of Shiva, Sha'vi. It is to be assumed that King Ballal Sena built these temples here for Shiva worship.

Twelve horns in the 12th Shiva temple Rivers flowed beside the temple of Barshibalya. Inside the temple there is a picture of Ganesha, bow Shiva - Shree Ganesha, Goddess bow.

There are more stories of other gods and goddesses, Ramlakshit-Sita and Hanuman are worshiped in the idol of a god-idol.

Presently, every two-day Shivratri Puja festival and fairs are organized here on Shiva Chaturdashi of Falgun every year. In this two-day fair, traditional religious women and men from different places of the country came to the temple of small Jamuna river.

At the end of the dusk, the devotees poured milk and water on Shiva's head and prayed for family peace. In addition to sweet-sweeteners, the shopkeepers dressed as toys, wood, bamboo and cane furniture, and other products.

How to go

Several buses from Kalyanpur / Uttara, Shyamoli, Hanif, Kea, SR and Dhaka are going to Joypurhat. Rent 250 to 300 taka

Counter of SR Travels
Kalyanpur Bus Stand (Counter-1): 02-8013793, 02-8019312, 01711-394801
Abdullahpur Bus Stand: 01711-944023
Gabtali Bus Terminal: 02-8011222
Bijoy Nagar, Kakrail: 0-9352118
Mohakhali Bus Terminal: 02-8834833, 01552-315831
After reaching Joypurhat, you will have to go to the city of Gadan. From there you can rent a van and go to the Barshibalya temple. The rent will be like 30 bucks. It takes 15-20 minutes.

Where will it be

Joypurhat does not have very good hotels. Some of the few hotels that can be found in the hotels described below are:
1. World Hotel, Thana Road, Joypurhat.
2. Hotel Sourav International, Thana Road, Joypurhat
3. Hotel Purabi

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