Dim Pahar (Egg Hill), Alikadam, Chittagong [Complete Travel Guide]

The country's high-rise road to the people of the country's tourism is the hill of Thanchi-Alikadam in Bandarban. Thanchi-Alikadam egg hill of Bandarban with the eternal beauty of nature and the diverse lifestyle.
Dim Pahar, Ali Kadam , Highst road of Bangladesh, Credit: BDCyclists

The location of the egg hill is in the middle of Alikadam and Thanchi police station. The boundaries of the two police stations were determined by this hill. There was no way too far to go to this mountain.
Dim Pahar, Alikadam, Chittagong

Fortunately, the road from Alikadam to Thanchi has been constructed under the supervision of Bangladesh Army. The construction of this 33-kilometer long road took ten years and three civilians died in the accident during the construction period. By the way, you can understand how terrible the way of the egg hill.

There is a need to add another information to increase the interest of eggs. Alikadam-Thanchi regional road is the highest road in Bangladesh at the moment. This road is rising from Alikadam and the height of the road near the egg hill stands 2500 feet. Thani-Alikadem, 30 km from the Alikadam upazila, the entire mountain road of egg hills.

How to go

Take the night bus to the Chokorea of Cox's Bazar district. In the morning, after reaching Chokoria, he will go to Zip (Chanand's car) by going to Ali Kadam Upazila.

Visit here to see the cave of Ruphmuhhari in the direction of the hill of the hill with the highest level of the road. Go to the hills and go straight to the Thanchi market. Here you can go for Bandarban or stay at the Thanchi BGB Resort.

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Before going to Bandarban, go to Thanchi Bazar in the local bus or Chand car. Then from there the chicken car or motorbike egg hills.

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