Boldha Garden, Dhaka [Tour Guide]

Boldha Garden, Dhaka, Credit: Arman Shahriar Himel

Boldha Garden is a botanical garden situated in Wari area of Dhaka city, which is located in Old Dhaka's Wari. Its area is 3.38 acres. Narendran Roy Chowdhury, the zamindar of Boldharda district of Dhaka district (present Gazipur district), came in 1909, bringing many flowers and rare plants from different countries of the world in the garden.

The main attractions of Boldha Garden include several Shapla houses filled with blue, red, white and yellow varieties of shapla. Besides, many species of rare species of native-foreign cactus, orchid, anthurium, buzz, bakul, camelia, ashok, African tulipas, amazon lilis, etc.

There are about 800 species of 800 plants in the Balladha Gardens. Here there are different plants in the country, as well as the memories of famous people from abroad.

The park once became a cultural center. Regular music playing songs sit. People used to come here with family to get some peace in the busy life. He used to drink natural solace in solitude.

The balladha garden is divided into two parts namely the Saiki and the other is Sibli.

Saiki meaning Spirit and Sibli are the goddess of nature. The main attraction of Saiki is blue, red, white, yellow, variety of Shapla filled with Shapla House, rare species native foreign cactus, orchid, Enthuram, Bhuj leaf trees, diverse bakul, amazan A shady house with lilies and sun lounges.

The main attraction of Sibli's main part is Sankh Nand, Pond, Camelia, Ashok, African Tulipas. There are also sunglasses, Joy House. Rabindranath Tagore, the world famous Rabindranath Tagore, who was impressed with the beauty of the Chamelia flower here, sitting in the Joy House, wrote the famous Chemelia poem.

Ticket Price:

Adult 10 taka.  Students and researchers will get 5 taka


Open daily from 8am to 5pm daily. But noon break from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Way to go

Going towards Jatrabari or going from there, going to Gabtali number 8, Balaka Sitting Service, running on the number 36 Aark Paribahan bus to the capital's super market. From here you can walk to the Hatkhola road for five minutes walk to the Boldha Garden. From 30 to 40 taka you can go directly from Gulistan with rickshaws.

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