Dream Holiday Park, Narsingdi [Tour Guide]

Dream Holiday Park, Narshingdi, Credit: TOB

In a short span of time, the family can take a short walk with everyone at the expense of the world-class theme Park Dream Holiday Park on 37 acres of land near Narsingdi district near Dhaka capital Dhaka.

This park is located on the Dhaka-Sylhet highway in Panchdona Chaitab area of Narsingdi Sadar upazila. All the rides are different for small and big people. This park has become popular because of only a few hours away from Dhaka.

The park is built on 60 acres of land, including the Naked Castle, the Air Bicycle, the famous Amu bird in Australia, the Mayawi spot, the artificial sanctuary, the duplex cottage, the multiple riders for children and adults in the park, the vast lake, the Hansraj pedal and the jet fighter boat, the scenic beauty of the beautiful natural beauty.

Kennels, Rocking Horses, Closerkit cameras, and well-trained under the supervision of the security staff provided by the government And safe environment. There are huge car parking lots, customized cottages and beautiful bungalows.

If you want to organize a picnic in Dream Holiday Park:

There are two picnic spots in this park called Madhurima and Mayabi. For picnic on holiday, more than 300 people will have to pay 80 thousand taka. If more than 500 people will have to pay One Lakh ten thousand taka. But on the working day the rent is a little lower. 

That means more than 300 people will be paid 75 thousand taka. More than 500 people will have to pay Tk 90,000. For a picnic, there will be a banquet with air-conditioned 2 rooms. In addition, there is a system of two-storied Bengal.

Meal arrangement:

Among the food, Dream Holiday Park has Thai, Indian and Chinese food. There are ice cream parlor, coffee house. Besides, Narayanganj's famous 'Jamdani House' Girls get three-piece, bed sheets and other accessories at low prices.

Entry price

200 tickets per person. Water World entrance ticket is Tk 350 Different rides cost 50/100 taka.

Open-closed schedule

It is open from 10am to 8pm daily. But from 6pm to 6:30 pm After that the sale of tickets was stopped.

How to go

Go to buses from Gulistan, Kamalapur, Mohakhali and Sayedabad bus stand in the capital Dhaka. Get bus after 30 minutes. Meghalaya Luxari, a bus from Gulistan, left for Narsingdi. This bus will cost Tk 80 / -. Besides, buses leaving Mahakhali to Narsingdi include: PPL Transport, BRTC AC Bus, Badsha, Chalanabil etc. If you get a Tongi-Pubail bus, you will have to go to Panchodona and from there you can reach the park by making CNG auto-rickshaw at Tk 100.

Intercity Agarosindur and metropolis can travel on the Godhuli train. Apart from this, any local train of Dhaka-Chittagong can be visited. Going to the intercity train, you have to go to Narsingdi station and go to the bus or CNG driven auto rickshaw.

And if you go to the local train, you can also go to Ghorashal station without Narsingdi station. From there you have to go to the bus.

Apart from this, any bus of Dhaka-Sylhet division can be reached in the park. Or from Kanchpur or Tongi to Kaliganj, Ghorashal can be easily done. One to one and a half hour journey.

Where to stay

There are several public and private hotels, guest houses to stay in Narsingdi.

There are governmental arrangements:

  • Narsingdi Circuit House - 029462083, 0173584094
  • District Council, Postal Bungalow, Postal Bungalow Road, Narsingdi - 0249463765, 0171 522174
  • Dak Bungalow, Roads and Highways Department, Narsingdi - 0129463181
  • Rest House, Office of Civil Surgeon, Narsingdi - 099462260
  • Rest House, LGED Office, Narsingdi - 099462260
  • UMC Jute Mills, Koryaripara, Narsingdi - 09946651

There is private management:

  • Hotel Nairala (Residential), Library Patti, Narsingdi Market, Narsingdi - 099463393, 01711196699
  • Hotel Al Arafat (Residential), 215/1, CN Claim Road, Bus Station, Narsingdi - 099463393, 017113130139
  • Hotel Momtaz, Patilbari road, Narsingdi - 0171195121
  • Hotel Aziz (Residential), Patilbari road, Narsingdi - 01712070231
  • Hotel Riaz (Residential), Patilbari Road, Narsingdi - 02946516, 01712-609045
  • Hotel Tanim (Residential), Patilbari Road, Narsingdi - 946398, 01718-916143
  • Hotel Al Mamun (Residential), Bajir Bari, Narsingdi - 01711341940


Phone: 9564046, 9570140-41, 7630225
Mobile 01712-145849, 01721-490420

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