Chini Moshjid, Sayedpur, Nilphamari [Tour Guide]

Syedpur of Nilphamari district is one of the oldest cities of Bangladesh. The architecture of the ancient beauty of this city is the Chini mosque of Syedpur, which is known to many as the Chini Mosque. The mosque is situated at Syedpur, 20 kilometers away from Nilphamari Sadar.
Chini Masjid, Saidpur, Nilphamari

In 1863, Haji Baker Ali and Haji Muqu constructed a mosque with chalk and bamboo. Later, it was transformed with tin with the help of locals. The people of the area formed a fund for the mosque with a portion of the monthly income.

Later, a Hindu man named Shanku started constructing the mosque in the 10th day of the month. The local people volunteered to help him. In the gates of the mosque, the work of the construction of bronze and bronze is made of fractions of glass plate and glass fractions.

This method is said to be made of sugar or sugar granules. Since then, this mosque is named after the Chinese mosque or Chinese mosque. Most of the Chini mosque is also said that the whole mosque is wrapped with a fraction of Chinese clay plate. And this glass pan was brought from Calcutta.

Mosque design. Mokhtul and Nabi Box. The unique design of the mosque was really impressive. Flowers, flowers, rosettes, a flower in a stalk, and moon are covered in the mosque. It is also fascinated to see the Arabic Caligraphy. Many marble stones have been used to make this mosque. There are 32 minarets and five domes in this mosque.

How to go

You can go straight to Syedpur from Dhaka to Nilasagar express train. The train fares are very low. There are also bus services available from Gabtoli, CollegeGate, Mohakhali directly to Syedpur. You can also go to Syedpur directly by air. United Airways and Bengal Airways private aircraft are being run for two days in Syedpur. It takes 30/40 minutes.

Where will it be

One of the residential hotels in Syedpur is Diaz Hotel and Resorts, Uttara EPZ, Syedpur, Nilphamari-5300, Bangladesh. Telephone: +88 0551 62552, +88 0551 62553; Mobile: +88 01978 302080, 01778 302080
There are also several residential hotels in Nilphamari. Get one of the ones you like Bonfool (Saidpur Road), Obokash (Ebadat Plaza), or Navana can be taken to the residential hotel.

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