Fatrar Chor, Kuakata, Patuakhali [Travel Guide]

If the Kuakata leaves the sea's extensive sandstones, it will fall in the eyes of a small stream of water, a river and a populace awakened in the mouth of the sea, the forest of Fatra, or the preserved mangrove forests of Fatrar Char.
Fatrar Chor, Kuakata, Patuakhali

Its area is more than 997507 acres. It has already been known as the 'second Sundarbans'. Here are mangrove species of Keogara, Gewa, Sundari, Fatra, Garan, Bain, Golpata etc, and many animals and birds, including pigs, pigs.
Fatrar Chor, Kuakata, Patuakhali

This part of the Sundarbans is a part of the char. Twice a day it is flooded with tidal voyages. Even reptiles like oysters, cobras, guinea snakes can also be seen as luck. Besides, you will be attracted to the calls of small and big species of birds.

Shortly after the expanse of the vast oceans on the horizon, you will see Fatrar grazing ground on the seashore. It is like any other forest floating in the sea. Whenever you enter the gate of Fatrar Chor by pressing the trawler, you will be welcomed by the dense green forest of the two sides.

If you get inside the trawler jetty, you will see a pond in the pond and a resthouse made by forest department. This pond is mainly used for meeting people who live temporarily in the grazing area. No one lives here permanently except for some forest dwellers.

With the pond you will enter the dense forested forest. In this silence of nature, the call of birds will call you in one world. There is a small beach in the eastern part of the grazing, at the time of the dawn, you can go to this beach.

If you go here, you will have to cross the bamboo shovels on the forest's green forest and some small canals. The beauty of the sea beyond the dense green will impress any traveler man. However, there is no permanent arrangement for tourists in this spectacular way. However, subject to the permission of the forest department, you can stay in the resthouse.

When will you go

From November to March only you can enter Fatrar Char. You just have to get two hours to travel the char.

How to go

Every day, many trawlers leave Kuakata for the purpose of forest. If you like, you can also go for the reserve. It will take 2 hours.

Where to eat

There is no system to eat Fatrar Chor. There is only one shop where chicken is available with rice. You can also take dry food on the way you go.

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