Longdu, Rangamati [Travel Guide]

The green nature and the blue waters of the lake are all around. Boat rowing in part of lake Small islands and farthest ridges Small rooms just above the islands. There is a boat in the houses of each island. This view was launched from the Sadar Upazilla of Rangamati in Langadu upazila on the way. In this way, the scene reminds me of the many more things that are sitting on the nature of the nature, Langangu.
Langdoo, Rangamati, Credit:TOB

Rangamati Sadar upazila consists of 76 km distance. Paddy, tobacco, watermelon, turmeric, ginger, vegetables are  main crops of the people of Langdu upazila of 389 sq km. Main fruits Jackfruit, mango, litchi, banana, lemon, coconut, sugarcane, pineapple. Main exports Watermelon, banana, jackfruit, yellow, ginger, fish.

There are also abundant sweet food fish in the Kattli Boll in Langdu upazila. The price here is absolutely cheap at all. Orange where there are 150-160 taka per KG in Chittagong city, where it can be found only at Tk 50.

In the Kattli beel, in the winter, The birds come in flocks. The beel has been chosen as a safe place for a number of years. Around the bark of pankauri and various species of birds. Those who came to see the birds of the winter, Visit to kattali rever is worth.

 Because of the abundance of fish, kattli bills have become quite popular with birds. This beel is full of small fluffy, tucked poultry, large flute, head fat, ganglion, gum kabutar, taga, and other species of birds.

Travel places of Langdu 

  • Banasree Rest House, Mainimukh
  • Mainimukh Bazar Mosque
  • TinTila Forest Bihar
  • Duluchchari jutvan bihar
  • Baitus Sharaf Complex
  • Kattli Beel
  • Kattli Bazar
  • Gursatong Hills
  • Pale hill
  • Kakpariya Natural Forest
  • Pabalakhali Wildlife Sanctuary and Pabalakhali game sanctuary
  • Umchugug forest bihar
  • Cultural Rest-house, Pabalakhali

How to go

From the cantonment area of ​​Rangamati to the reserve market, the auto-rickshaw will be fared 100 taka. From here, a long-winded steamer will leave from 7am, 10pm, 12pm and 2pm. It takes 3 to 3 hours. The rent is 145 takas. Down to Tk 115 But returning from the Langdoo boat last evening at 1:30. It takes about 4 hours to go from Langamati to Langmu from Rangamati.

Go to Khagrachari from Dhaka and go to work from there. Bus time from Khagrachari takes about 3 hours.

You can also go from Khagrachhari's Dighinala. In that very morning, you will have to leave the motor bike Langangu from Dighinala. From Dighinala to Langdu it will take 1 hour, distance 35 kilometers.
On the other hand, Langagu can be reached directly from Chittagong; It takes about 5 hours.

Where to stay

The three-story Langdu Upazila can be in the rest house, which is located in Langdou Sadar. Or you can stay at Rabeta Guest House located in Mainimukhee or stay at the Rest House of Mainminut forest department.

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