Lebur Chor, Kuakata, Patuakhali [Travel Guide]

The Lebur Chor is located in Kuakata. About 5 kilometers east of Kuakata Beach, Lebur chor is located on the peak, which is also known as Lemur Char or Nambur Char to the locals.
Lebur Chor, Kuakata

There are several species of trees, such as Keora, Gewa, Goran, Karei, Golpata etc., in the area of ​​1000 acres of Lebu. This beautiful natural beauty is an attractive place for tourists. Earlier it was a part of the Sundarbans but it is now isolated from the Sundarbans.

How to go

Kuakata can be taken from sea beaches to motorboat or to Lebur Chor by van.

Where to stay

Two dak bungalows in Kuakta and Homes of the Sea Tourism Holiday Homes. To stay in these places, the prior permission of the concerned office is to be obtained. Besides, private tourism cities have been built in small and large, semi-residential residential hotels, Motel. Hotels with modern standards include Hotel Niljana, Hotel B-View, Hotel Golden Paraz, Hotel Beech-Velli, Hotel Family Homes, Kuakata Guest House, Hotel Sea Girl, Hotel Al Hera, Hotel Akon, Hotel Sea-Garden, Hotel Many other hotels and motels.

1. Holiday Homes (Tourism Corporation), Kuakata
Phone: 01715-0011483
Rent: Non AC Twin: Rs. 1100 and Economy: 800 Taka

2. Youth Inn (Tourism Corporation), Kuakata
Phone: 04428-56207
Rent: Non AC Twin: 1500 Taka and AC Twin: 2500 Taka

3. Hotel Sky Palais, Tourism Area, Kuakata
Phone: 017727507479, 01772-03024, 01716-749027
Rent: Non AC Coupled: 1200 Taka and Non AC Twin: 1400 Taka

4. Hotel Banani Palace, Tourism Area, Kuakata
Phone: 0171-3674192, 01911-672135
Rent: Non AC Twin / Cupel: Rs. 1250 (lowland), Rs. 1650 (top floor), Dormitory: 4000 (8 beds)

5. Hotel Nilanjana, Rakhine Market, Kuakata
Phone: 01712-927904
Rent: Non AC Single: 850 Taka, Non AC Twin: 1450 Taka

6. Hotel Sea Palace Hotel, Bally Bound, Kuakata
Phone: 0173-0093356
Rent: Non AC Twin: 1800 Taka, 3 Bed Room: 2000 Taka

7. Sea Kanaya Resort Limited, West Kuakata, Kuakata
Phone: 01711-181798
Rent: Non AC coupled: Rs. 1200 (low cost), 1500 taka (top floor), non s twin: 1800 taka

8. Hotel Kuakata, Sadar Road, Kuakata
Phone: 0175-0008177
Rent: Economy Twin / Couple: Rs 1500, Economy Family Room: 1850 (1 double, 1 single)

9. Kings Hotel, Sea Shore, Kuakata
Phone: 01713-277630
Rent: Economy Double: 600 Taka, Non AC Deluxe: 800 Taka

Where to eat
In Lebur chor you can order Fried fish , crabs fry, can eat the coconut. Apart from this, there are many small food hotels in the tourist area - Kalapara Hotel, Hotel Mannan, Hotel Barisal etc. These hotels offer quality food and supplies at low cost.

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