Jo tlong, Mowdok Mual, Remakri, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

For a long time, some people considered the highest peak in the country, Madak Mual or Jawatlang or J Talang or Modak Mual mountain.
Jawatlang, Bandarban, Image Credit: Ratul BD

However, NASA's satellite data can be seen from the second peak of the country. According to some satellite data, Danglong II of Rongtalang Range and J-Block III.

However, almost all of the adventurers mantioned as the second peak. However, the main feature of Jotlong is not 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. Its difficult and difficult path has made the way to the other extreme. All ambassadors will say this without hesitation that the climbing of our country is the most difficult.

The height of the G. Tang is 1014 meters (33 April) (13 April 2014)

How to go

Thanchi from Bandhan or Bus Stand, Thanchi to Remakri by boat, and walk from there for 3 hours. One day from Daliyan Para, you can get back to the hill on Modak Mual.

Where to stay

There are lodging in Bandarban. If you want to camping, you can go with tent.

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