Saka Haphong Mountain,Bandarban, Highest peak of Bangladesh [Travel Guide]

Not the Kaokradong or Tajingdong, the head of the mountain is one of the top mountain peaks of the Saka Haphang mountain of Bandarban which is also known as Medak Taung or Modak Tuang. On the ancient maps, this is written by Madal Tung.
Saka Haphong, Bandarban, Credit: S Hossain Rajon (TOB)

Someone says it will be a Madak Tlong. Local residents, Murong  say it Border Hoom.  GPS topping maps of US Topography Map, Russian Topography Map, Google Map, Google Earth, Travel Bangladesh, Adventure Bid, have been reported by the GPS readings. According to measurements, 1050 meters (3445 feet) was surveyed (12 December 2014).

How to go

Various transport buses can be taken directly from Dhaka / Chittagong to Bandarban. After reaching Bandarban, you can go from Saka Hafong to Thanchi, Ruma Bazar and Remakri Bazar.

Route to Ruma:

  • Baga Lake-Keokrodong-Thaakang Para- (with notun bompara)- Dulacharan Para -Handharai Para-Nefyu Para - Summit.
  • Baga Lake can not be reached in Thaqang, by crossing right from Kobarjan to the left under the Tumle pond, Remackery canal with notun bompara, Dulha Charan is laid, then Nafu Para summit.
  • In the rainy season, it is difficult to catch the canal, sometimes during the Thaqang para-mamal, the Hanzrai Para-Nefu-Summit. (However, the route of the way with Tamal or Tamlo Parar, go down and rise)

  • Bagaha Lake-Kawk-Bacallai-Simpiemi - (Tajingdong Summit Extra) Then down to the Remakri Canal, Hanzharai - Nefu - Summit (There are frequencies, water problems, but Tajing Dong Bonus)

Route from Thanchi:

  • Thanchi - Boarding Para - Sherkar Para - Tajingdong - Simpi Para -Handhari Para - Nefu Para - Summit. You can go from the Sherkar paje to the Tazing dong, and you can also go to the toilet, but you will have to cut the jungle and bush-jhar from Sherpur. (Higher than rise, water shade less)

  • Thanchi - Boarding para - Kaitang para-jiri by Jiri on the way through Jiri - Simampi Para upa - Hanjarai Para - Nefu Para - Summit.

Route from Remakri :

  • Nafa Khum - Dula Para - Sajai Para - Nefu Para- Summit. 
  • Nafa Khum - Jinna Para - Amiyaakhum - Satvai Khum Hanjarai Para - Summit

  • Nafa Khum - Jinna Para - Amyakhum - Sajai Para - Summit

Route 2 and 3, except for Jinnah Para, you can also go through the Thuisa Para, Otiram Para. Nowadays more popular.

Where to stay

There are lodging in Bandarban. If you want to camping you can go with tent.

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