Korotia Jomidar Bari, Tangail [Travel Guide]

Among the many zomidars in Bangladesh who are rich in the house and standing with the witness in history, among them Karatiya zamindar house is one of the main. There are several zamindari houses in Tangail district. But by spreading all of them, the Karatia landlord has made a separate place in history and tradition.
Korotia Jomidar Bari, Tangail

10km from Tangail city The zamindar house of landowner Wazed Ali Khan Panni, known as Atierchand, is situated on the bank of Putia, far away. This landlord house is about 1 kilometer long and 0.5 kilometers wide with walled walls, where the iron house, Rokeya Mahal, the Queen of Pukurghat, Chhota Taraf Daud Mahal and the architectural architecture of Mughal architecture are a historic architecture.

The landlord house built in Mogul and Chinese architecture will grab your mind at the first sight. Rokeya Mahal, the monument of Mughal architectural art which is situated within the boundary wall, demands that it be the archaeological site. But it is being used as an educational institution today.

How to go

Several buses from Mohakhali left Dhaka for Tangail. On them, you got down to Karatia Bypass and went to a rickshaw and went to Kartiya zamindar house. The bus fares will be 150-170 taka, and rickshaw fare is 15-20 taka. If you go for a one-day tour, you can also leave the zamindari house to see the traditional Atia Mosque, on the same road, the zamindari house of Delduar. It can be seen that the mausoleum and museum of Maulana Bhasani, along with the campus of Maulana Bhashani Science and Technology University.

Where to stay

There are many hotels and guest houses to stay in Tangail. All of these are worth mentioning

  1.  Palash House / Night Ginger Residencial Hotel, Mosque Road, Tangail Phone: 0921-53154
  2.  Al Faisal Hotel Residencyal, Mosque Road, Tangail Phone: 0921-53918
  3. Hotel Sea Residential, New Market Road, Tangail Phone: 0921-54308
  4. Afrin Hotel, Mosque Road, Tangail Mobile: 01916782389
  5.  SS Rest House, Akuratakur Para, Tangail Phone: 0921-55180
  6. Rural electricity rest house, Tangail Phone: 0921-53390
  7. LGED Rest House (Government), Tangail Phone: 0921-54261
  8. Sugandha Hotel, Old Bus Stand, Tangail Mobile: 01674-346815
  9. Nirmala Hotel, Nirala Border, Tangail Phone: 0921-61363
  10. Poissi Hotel, Nirala Border, Tangail Mobile: 01711-3542493
  11. Hotel Short, Nirala, Tangail Phone: 0921-5521
  12. Hotel Aditya (Residential), Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01716-796065
  13. Hotel Dream Touch (Residential), Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01717218799
  14. Salban Residential Hotel, Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01713462310
  15. Islamia Guest House, Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01917566243
  16. Vai Vai guest house, madhupur, tangail Mobile: 01190975539
  17. Jamuna Resort Limited, Kalihati, Tangail Phone: 09239-76032-4
  18. Elenga Resort Limited Residential Hotels, Allega, Kalihati, Tangail Phone: 02-9884322

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