Shatvaikhum, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

A little above the water from the water of Amyakhum, the rocky road, arranged with large and small stones. After crossing the road very carefully, there will be huge rock stones in front and green, calm, transparent water in it.
Shatvaikhum, Bandarban, Credit: Shahed Ahmed Rimon

And start from here is Satvaikhum. Many people say Velakhum and say. The next route will go to by Bashe Vela. This means that it will have to climb in order to pass this waterway to Satvaikhum.
Shatvaikhum, Bandarban, Credit: Shahed Ahmed Rimon

After the start of the journey, it will suddenly appear in a rocky fort. This is just a turnaround to be seen with fascinating surprises, and you will feel that the sky-rock hills on both sides welcome you with gravity.

The Green Forest welcomes you to embrace you in their state and you are welcome to welcome the green watery waterway. Using all the analogy to describe the beauty of Satvaikhum, the word may be reduced by describing its beauty.

Just say that its beauty will be able to conform to the combined beauty of the world's winters. On the way back from the golden oasis of Satvaikhum, the waterway paths and the rocky hill state, your companion will be a very dense, impassable, and tremendous excitement of excitement.

How to go 

On reaching Bandarban, Thanchi will go straight up. From there the boat will stop in the remake. After that, no other car will be able to leave, on top of the feet should be left in the air to raise the body to the body.

Running on the way, Naphakhum will be going, Jinnapara will have to leave from there. Do not photograph without permission. Keep in mind that there is no injury in their culture.

The next day, from the night the next morning, to Yamiyumam and Satvaikhum will walk. Take the rope, life jackets and food together. On the way back, you can come back with Padma road.

In that case, you can reach Thanchi long before you walk for only five hours. It will take four days to visit Amyakhum and Satvaikhum well. Just returning from Thanchi to return to Thanchi, the total cost of per capita expenditure will be around 4,500 to 5000 takas. This place is very easy to carry so heavy jeans and trolley bags.

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