Marayon Dong, Alikadam, Bandarban [ Complete Travel Guide ]

Marayan Dong, a mountain of Mirina Range located in Alikadam, Bandarban, but the locals also called Marayan Tang. Height is approximately 1640 ft.
Marayon Tong, Bandarban, Source: Adventure Madness (Facebook Group)

A Buddhist temple at the top of the mountain. It has a huge Buddha statue. It is also a wonderful place as a tourist spot. The upper part is flat.

The mountain and the hills as far as the distance from here is visible. The population is peeping through the gap between them.
Marayon Dong, Bandarban, Source: Adventure Madness

The Matamuhhari river is flowing down like a snake. On both of its plains, crop fields can be seen.

There are many indigenous people living in this hill. Among them, Tripura, Marma and Murong are one of the biggest. Marmara is under this mountain. And on the hills of the mountains, Murongs are laid.
They live on the slopes of Hill by making their houses. Their tangle is slightly above the ground.

Under these houses there are various cattle like cows, goats, pigs, chickens. Sometimes, along with cattle, the necessary fuel wood is kept as a pile.

Besides the hills, Bengalis are also dependent on this hill for their daily income-earning. Many of the Bengalis earn their livelihood by selling hill-laden Muli bamboo.

There is also a lot of tobacco production in this region. In other words, tobacco cultivation has exceeded rice cultivation. But tobacco cultivation is mainly on the ground level.

How to go

From Dhaka, you will go to Chokoria, fare 750 . From Chakoriya to Alikadam, you will get to the local jeep, the Fare is 70 taka Before going to Alikadam, you will be taken to a residential place.

From there, you will reach the top of the mountain on the hill of Marhan Dong, for 3 hours.


Take plenty of water, glucose, saline, dry food, frost aid box, along with necessary medicines. If you want to cook, take the necessary materials, matches and fuel.

There will be no shortage of dry wood to burn the fire. If you want to camping at night, take a tent, sleeping bag, light shirt.

Because in the summer season it is a little cold in the hills and in the hills. Before reaching the hill, get the local administration informed about their motives after getting the local administration.

If they have any suggestions, listen carefully to them. If you want to go to the hills or camping, keep informed about the headmen of the concerned side.

If possible, ask for a phone number from them. You can then inform them if they need help. Do not lay or tear some of the hilly hills or flower trees in the neighborhood around the pavement without permission.

If you need to buy it. It can be found cheaper. Do the best to get permission for taking photographs of the hills. If you cook on the mountain, do it carefully.
So that the fire does not spread everywhere.

Chips, biscuits, pickles or other dry packs of packets.must be collected and brought down.

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  1. A must visit place in Bandorban. I was stayed with tent. It was an amazing experience. But the tourists must aware about environment.


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