Meghna Village Holiday Resort, Munshiganj

After crossing Narayanganj on Dhaka Chittagong Highway, one kilometer away from the right side of the road (from Dhaka) on 30 bighas of land, Meghna Village Holiday Resort is an exclusive entertainment center with flower fruit trees.
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After crossing the Meghna Bridge, you can see the road side. First you will see some elephants, tigers and deer sculptures then the main gate.

You will welcome the sculpture of a dinosaur on its entrance, and give the environment messages in the accompanying text.

Quiet surroundings on the entrance path. The bird's fox in the air around. Like the village, green and green are very beautiful.

The cottons look a lot in Nepalese fashion. The villagers who leave Maya, who are trapped in the city's confines of workplaces, they can go back to see the moonlight at night in kedarah if they want, in any lost childhood memorial.

For the convenience of leisure and leisure, this delicate Meghna Village Holiday Resort in Gajaria, near the capital, will be seen inside and inside the children's elephant pallets, bulls, bricks, giant dinosaurs, tigers, deer, snake-fighting, gooseberries, giraffe sculptures, and children.

Mini zoo too. Chitra deer, monkey, lajwati Hanuman, kalim bird, rabbit, koel bird and crocodile are not here.

For those who enjoy complete relaxation and relaxation, there are photography, treatments, laundry, convenience shops, own cars, Bengali and Chinese food, picnic, barbecue dinners.

It has a vast two playgrounds to weld the body a bit. So feel free to take the ball with the ball and play it. For those who love fishing, there is also a fishing arrangement.

Even the catch of fish is immediately available and there is also a donation.

The resort offers several entertainment pendulums that include Pendulam Piret Ship, Pedal Boat, Nagrodola, Marigo Round, Cycling, Battery Car and Mikey Mouse Bike.

These are in exchange for 10 to 30 taka. Apart from this, there is no fee to watch the collections of crocodiles, mini zoo birds and animals, and especially for the dance songs at the cultural event.

They have their own Jamdani loom and vegetables fields. Anyone can buy them and watch them again. There are no fees to visit the projects.

Other facilities include 10 AC / non AC Cottage. In front of the cottages, flowers gourmet garden Air-conditioned restaurants and mails dining, playgrounds and two ponds for fishing.

The new addition of Meghna Village Resort, 3D Cineplex, which has a capacity of 20 people. The ticket price is only 30 taka. Sonargaon Museum Tajjahal, Comilla's Kotbari are very close to the Meghna Village.

Ticket price : 50 for adult and 10 for children

How to go

Kanchpur bridge will have to leave from Jatrabari of Dhaka.

From there straight up to the Meghna Bridge in Sonargaon Meghna Village Resort, which runs from the Balukandi bus stand on the left side of the Meghna Bridge, will be seen on the left side, 1 kilometer ahead.

You can also go to the resort, if you want, in the resort's own car. That's why it costs taka 1,500.

Contact for booking 017122203336

If you want to book in advance For detailed information, call 01718471961, 01817 104126.
Booking from Dhaka: Suite - 512 A, level 5, Ibrahim Manson, 11 Purana Paltan, Dhaka. Phone: 02-9570782, 01552-308849, 01552-333563, 01718471961 (Resort)

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