Nilshagor, Nilphamari [Travel Guide]

Unlike the ocean, the name has been named after the sea, according to the Nilasagar (Blue Sea). Its location at a distance of 14 kilometers from the district sadar. Its area is 53.9 acres. It is known that in the eighth century it was excavated. The great king dug it to supply water for cattle.
NilShagor, Nilphamari

As a result, it is known as Big Dighi. In time, it was named after Birani Dighi Binn Dighi from the Great Dighi and lastly with the help of Nilphamari district administration, Nilasagar was named after the district in 1980. This is a great dive.

The construction of a house, 1 paved gate, 1 mosque and 1 arcade and a beautiful environment have been created here by the Deputy Commissioner, Jabbar. Here there are sea-level tree-like rivers, beaches and hummingbird surrounded by high hills. The water of this dighi is very transparent. It is estimated that 80 to 90 feet of water is in the entire year here.

As an additional attraction beside the NilShagor, a temple on the east bank of the dighi will be seen. A monastery dormitory on the west side. If you go to the full moon in the month of Chaitra, you can come back from the fair.

How to go

The distance from Nilphamari to Dhaka road is 396 kilometers. You can go from Dhaka to Bus or Arrival Transport. You can reach the Nilphamari from Gabtoli via Rangpur and Syedpur.
If you go to train, you will get to Rangpur from Kamalapur in 12 hours. Get Nilphamari bus from here.

When traveling on the plane, at 30/40 minutes on the United Airways, at Syedpur Airport, you can visit Nilphamari to see the sights here.

Where to stay

Find residential hotels to stay in Nilphamari town. Get one of your favorite ones Bonfool (Saidpur Road), Obokash (Ebadat Plaza) or Navana Residential Hotel.

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