Patharia Hill, Moulovibazar [Complete Tour Guide]

Patharia Hill is located in Borolekha Upazila of Moulvibazar district, whose former name is Adam Ayl. Madhabkunda waterfalls have been created in the fallen water from this mountain.

Patharia Hill, Moulovibazar, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

This hill is 72 kilometers from Sylhet Sadar, 70 kilometers from Moulvibazar district, 32 kilometers from Kulaura railway junction and 8 kilometers away from Kathaltoli.

At Patharia hill, there are Zherzheri, Kakhra Chori, Flowers cast Zherjhari and Itauri Phulbagicha Jhorna. 
Patharia Hill, Moulovibazar, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

Fountains made the Patharia hills a different beauty. High-low elevation of green trees of gives us an above imaginary scene,  and the stream of water flowing down the stairs falling down to the ground.

The water of the rain runs on small and big stones. No matter how difficult and fatigue is to go to the fountain, go to the fountain of the remote, the clear water of the chill, the green nature of the four sides, the grasshoppers, the fragrance of the governing lemon fragrance, the birds and the jhun pests, the fishermen, will remove all the fatigue.

About a thousand years ago, this region was full of deep forests, and residents of the suburbs of Pathri called Naga people lived here.

The name of this forest area is Patharia, in conjunction with the name of the people living in time. This mountain extends over a 24 km area.

It is an extended part of Bangladesh's Khasia-Jaintia highlands along the eastern border of India, while the other part extends in Assam.

Karimganj district in the neighboring country of Pathariya is seen in the neighboring country of India.

Although there is a lot of orange lemon trees in the past, its number has decreased. This forest is famous for the oak-ore wood tree.

The trees found here are: Nagkeshor, Palan, Bamboo, Rattan, Kalakusturi or Mashkadana and Ban Dherosh.

Among the mineral resources, there is an oil cake on the Patharia hills. In 1933, the government arranged for oil extraction through Burmese Oil Company (BOC).

Subsequently, the oil pipes burst and the entire local area floats in oil tide for three days. Although the oil tank is presently abandoned, it still has oil reserves inside it. The ears of grain on the lid of the closed well of the well can be heard in the ground with wheat gum.

How to go

You can travel from Dhaka by both bus and train. If you want to go to the train from Kamalapur to Sylhet-bound inter-city train, then take a bus or CNG, then you will have to go to Dhamai to Patharia.

And to go to the bus service, you can also go from Fakirapul-Sayedabad to Ruposhi Bangla, Shyamoli Transport and Mohakhali and also to the transportation.

Where to stay

There are two bungalows and two residential hotels in the district council. Besides, you can stay in Sylhet or Moulvibazar city if you wish.

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