Modhupur Rubber Forest, Pirgacha, Tangail [Travel Guide]

The green green leaf in the piragacha rubber garden of Madhupur in Tangail. High tree rows Properly measuring scale by measuring the plants in the same parallel. As far as the eyes are visible only trees and trees.
Modhupur Pirgacha Rubber Forest, Tangail

Greenery around Seeing the mind is filled. The trees are named rubber trees. This beauty of piragacha rubber garden of Madhupur is genuine. Thousands of trees on both sides and the vast trail between them.

One of the beauty of the garden is that it is decorated in different seasons. In the winter, all the leaves of the tree are dried like dried up, so the new youth gets back in the rainy season. The office of the garden was seen in front of some distance.

The guesthouse is next to the office. Around half a dozen flowering trees, a semi-colored building in between it. The opportunity to stay in the guesthouse is also available. The guesthouse is a part of nature in a colorful rooftop.

The rainy season in the rainy days. On the occasion of rainy season, one cup of tea is different from seeing the rain to eat. The sound of rain fall from the leaves of every tree of the garden, and the word of rain on the tin will create a different feeling.

And in the gardens, it is different from roaming around the night. An amazing view of the garden at different times.

A large factory can be seen in the east side of the office, where a rubber sheet is made. In the morning white raw rubber was collected and stored in a large house. From there it is made using various processing and machine rubbish. The rubber sheet is dried and the heat is given to heat until it gets reddish. The processes are really amazing.

How to go

There is a bus directly from Mohakhali to Madhupur bus. 200-300 on the fare basis. The rubber garden from Madhupur bus stand is 10 kilometers away. From bus stand to rubber garden can be used for autorickshaw, CNG or motorcycle. 25-35 taka for rent auto loan However, motorcycles are a little more expensive, but motorcycles are the best to travarse inside the garden. You can take 300-600 taka for motorcycle to travarse the whole garden.

Where to stay

If you want to stay in the rubber garden for a while, there are some residential hotels next to the Madhupur bus stand. 200 to 500 taka in the rent room. However, there is a chance to stay at the gardenhouse with special permission.

There are also many hotels and guest houses to stay in Tangail. All of these are worth mentioning,

1. Palash House / Night Ginger Residencial Hotel, Mosque Road, Tangail Phone: 0921-53154
2. Al Faisal Hotel Residencyal, Mosque Road, Tangail Phone: 0921-53918
3. Hotel Sea Residential, New Market Road, Tangail Phone: 0921-54308
4. Afrin Hotel, Mosque Road, Tangail Mobile: 01916782389
5. SS Rest House, Akuratakur Para, Tangail Phone: 0921-55180
6. Rural electricity rest house, Tangail Phone: 0921-53390
7. LGED Rest House (Government), Tangail Phone: 0921-54261
8. Sugandha Hotel, Old Bus Stand, Tangail Mobile: 01674-346815
9. Nirmala Hotel, Nirala Border, Tangail Phone: 0921-61363
10. Poissi Hotel, Nirala Border, Tangail Mobile: 01711-3542493
11. Hotel Short, Nirala, Tangail Phone: 0921-5521
12. Hotel Aditya (Residential), Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01716-796065
13. Hotel Dream Touch (Residential), Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01717218799
14. Salban Residential Hotel, Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01713462310
15. Islamia Guest House, Madhupur, Tangail Mobile: 01917566243
16. Brother brother guest house, madhupur, tangail Mobile: 01190975539
17. Jamuna Resort Limited, Kalihati, Tangail Phone: 09239-76032-4
18. Elenga Resort Limited Residential Hotels, Allega, Kalihati, Tangail Phone: 02-9884322

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