Roman Catholic Church, Saidpur, Nilphamari [Complete Travel Guide]

North business- trade center, the city of Sayedpur, Nilphamari, was established during the British Company's rule. When the Assam Bengal Railway was established, the importance of Saidpur increased greatly. At that time, the Assam Railway was a small railway station in Saidpur of the Bengal Railway.

Roman Catholic Charch, Saidpur, Nilphamari

At the right side of this station, a small locoshed is placed. This locoshed was the foundation of today's largest Saidpur railway factory. Later, locoshed was built around 110 acres of land, the huge railway factory.

The British took into consideration the setting of this factory, its location, climate and environmental status. An Anglo-Indian Catholic Protestant Christian with many British who worked with Bengalis and Biharis in this factory. Many residential areas are being built for their residence. Among them Sub-ordinate Colony, Sahebpara and Officer's Club are one of the top.

In 1886, the British government built two churches on both sides of Shaheb Para for their religious worship. One of the Roman Catholic and the other Protestant community. This church is the first and the oldest church in the two northern regions. Its construction style is rich in Roman and European architecture.

Meanwhile, the church adjacent to the railway factory gate is dedicated to Kumari Marim. In 1892, the British government built priest buildings on 3 bighas of land on the side of the church. Then Father Francis used to conduct spiritual activities with the devotees of Christ in the Bocca Lima, the devotees of Christ Jesus.

Sisters of the Sisters of Charity community came to this temple after the construction of old churches and priest buildings in Saidpur. Later, in their efforts, a school named St. Jerroja was introduced.

There are still children and boys studying with fame. At one time, the British and Anglo Indians came to Syedpur on railway factories. Although they went away in the evolution of the time, their small temple sub-ordinate colony, Sahebpara and Officers' Club were formed in small areas.

He's no longer a mate. But there remained two of the two spectacular churches built on the edge of Sahibpara. Whose architectural art and construction style impresses every person coming in.

How to go

You can go straight to Syedpur from Dhaka to Nilasagar express train. The train fares are very low. There are also bus services available from Gabtoli, CollegeGate, Mohakhali directly to Syedpur. You can also go to Syedpur directly by air. United Airways and Bengal Airways private aircraft are being run for two days in Syedpur. It takes 30/40 minutes.

Where to stay

One of the residential hotels in Syedpur is Diaz Hotel and Resorts, Uttara EPZ, Saidpur, Nilphamari-5300, Bangladesh. Telephone: +88 0551 62552, +88 0551 62553; Mobile: +88 01978 302080, 01778 302080
There are also several residential hotels in Nilphamari. Get one of the ones you like Bonfool (Saidpur Road) Obokash (Ebadat Plaza), or Navana can be taken to the residential hotel.

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