Tara Moshjid, Armanitola, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

Tara Moshjid, Armanitola, Puran Dhaka, Credit: Ashik Sarwar (TOB)

Tara Moshjid is located on the Abul Khayrat road in Armanitola, old Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the eighteenth century AD, the zamindar of Dhaka Mirza Golam Pir (Mirza Ahmad Jan) built this mosque.

They are also known as Masjid Mirza Golam Pir's Mosque or Sitara Mosque. This mosque was built in the seventeenth century after the Mughal architecture style built in Delhi, Agra and Lahore.

Whereas this mosque is built, when there is no mention of its creation anywhere in the mosque, there is no clear document found in it. However, after the construction of the mosque, in 1860 Mirza Ghulam Pir died.

From the beginning the mosque was rectangular. The original mosque of Mirza Golam Pir was a measuring 33 feet (10.06 meters) in length and 12 feet (4.04 meters) in width, and dome was three. Inside the middle dome was very big.

The blue marble star design was attached to white marble stone dome. From that on, they become known as the mosque. In front of it there were three entrances to the mosque and one towards the north and one door on the south side.

In 1926, local businessman of Dhaka Ali Jan Bepari revised the mosque. At this time the mosque was increased in size. A porch was added in the east of this time.

At this time the floor of the mosque was mosaic. This mosaic of sugar tray is used in Japanese colorful Chinese clay pieces and colored glass pieces. The mosque was renovated in 1987. At this time, a old Mehrab was broken and two domes and three new Mehrab were made.

In all, the number of domes currently stands at five. As a result, the place of the mosque is expanded.
The current length of the mosque is 70 feet (21.34 meters), width 26 feet (7.98 meters). Besides, the wall of the mosque is recorded with flowers, moons, stars, Arabic caligraphic scripts etc.

How to go

Armanitola is going to the old Dhaka's Rickshaw or CNG from anywhere in Dhaka.

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