Newzealand Para, Khagrachari [Travel Guide]

New Zealand Para, Khagrachori

New Zealand Para is located on the south side of Pankhai, 1.5 km south of Khagrachari town. New Zealand road expresses the road to Parachra village outside Pankhaya Para. Green field farm on both sides of the road, this is the only plain land of Khagrachari. An extraordinary aesthetic beauty of Mitali on the green fields and mountains behind it is spread here. The new residential area of the hill collapses is being developed. In the hills and hills of the city, Mitali The landscape of the area looks like New Zealand. So the local people named it New Zealand Para. In this case, it consists of New Zealand Para (Newzeland Para) with some parts of Pachaiah Para and Parachara. As if a piece of the continent of the continent has taken New Zealand to Khagrachari

The nature of the dark green mountains, the rivers of the river, the fountain sharks away, the blue sky above, sometimes the white clouds, the rainy words of rain in the rainy season, the moon-stars in the night sky and the red sun together in the daylight.

How to go

From Khagrachari, you can go to Khagrachari on the bus from Shanti, Shyamoli, Hanif and other Paribahan buses. The rent will be Tk 520. In addition, BRTC and St. Martin Paribahan's AC buses are in Khagrachari.


Saint Martin Paribahan - Arambagh 017626691341, 017626691340. Khagrachari: 017626691358.

Shyamoli Transport - Arambagh: 02-714-291. Kalyanpur: 9003331, 8034275. Asadgata 8124881, 912454. Dampara (Chittagong) 01711371405, 01711377244.

Peace Transport - Arambagh (Dhaka) - 01190994007. Oxygen (Chittagong) 01817715552.

Khagrachari can also go from Chittagong. BRTC AC Bus (Chittagong) Kadamtali 01682385255. Khagrachari 01557402507

From Khagrachari city to CNG or auto, you can travel to New Zealand, the rent will be 10 taka. So if you plan to travel to Sajak, you can visit New Zealand soon. You can also take a look at Hazagarh Jhorna.

Where to eat

Traditional system restaurant location at Pankhai Para near Khagrachari city. Here you can eat traditional diets of Khagrachari. Contact: 0371-626634, 01556773493, 017390632222

Where to stay

Khagrachari has hotels (Hotel) for different quality, including tourism motel.

Tourism Motel: When it crosses the Chengi river, it will enter the city. All the rooms in the motel are two beds. Rent: AC 2100 Taka, Non AC 1300 Taka AC suite room is 3,100 taka. The map of Bangladesh within the motel is made. However, due to electrical disruption in whole Khagrachari district the AC rooms are being rented as non-AC due to the voltage fluctuation. Contact: 0371-6208485.

Hotel Eco Chowki is situated in the mountainous environment beside Khagrapur Cantonment. It is the resort type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225.

Hotel Hill Suborno: 0371-61436, 01190776812
Hotel Zerin 0371-61071.
Hotel Lobby: 0371-6120, 01556575746, 01199244730.
Hotel artists: 0371-61795.

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