Napitta Chora Trail, Mirsarai, Sitakunda, Chittagong [Travel Guide]

Napittachora Jhorna, Waterfall, Chittagong

Everyone has already heard about the Nagaratha Chara Trail of Mirsharai in Chittagong. To go to Naptatchara, go to Mirsarai's Nadua Bazar / Hat (Riverwari / Naiduari Bazar / Hat). Here's the three-storey fountain. The name of Jhorna three is Kupukatakum, Mithachari and Bandarakum or Bandrichara. And the corridor to the fountains is called the Napitta Chora Trail.

Start from the market of the river. If you want to take a guide from the village, take 400-500 rupees for 4-5 hours. Then start moving along the corridor in the mountainous forests. Waterfalls are not too far 3. After 30/40 minutes, you will get the first waterfall kupyakatakum. A beautiful fountain The amount of water in the fountain is also good. The water in front of the fountain is slightly deep. So to go ahead of the fountain, you have to go swimming. Fountain water is quite cold.

Kupyakatakum Fountain

Napittachora Trail, Photo: Mahfuzul Haque Shihab
After a few moments of Kupiqatakum, start the journey to Mithachharhi. When going to Fateh Mhachhari, it is necessary to rise above a steep slope of a small mountain. There is some time to be careful. Anyway, the fountain is pretty close. Within 20 minutes, Mittachhari will reach the fountain. The fountain height is quite different. After falling from the top of the water, after halfway part of the water, the water fell on two sides. During the rainy season this fountain looks very nice.

Mithachari Jhorna Bandarakum Jhorna

After staying here for a while, start the journey to Bandarakum or Bandaricha. You will get the fountain after about 40/45 minutes walk along the Jheri path. This fountain is quite beautiful. The highest fountain of this fountain is in 3 fountains. The way to the fountain is very beautiful. There is no such risk. That is why in the rainy season is the best time to enjoy the best beauty of the fountain.

How to go

You have to go to the market in Mirsharai of Chittagong. If you are in Chittagong, you will be able to easily get away from the market of Mirsarai. If the driver of the bus does not know riverbank, then you can go to Mirsarai market and go to CNG CNG. Local CNG will take Tk 10 each. But if you get to the city of Chittagong by train, then you will have to come to Mirsharai by returning the bus for about an hour and a half. Choices of Chitgaon city's jewelery are available from Mirsharai. Rent Per Person 80 Taka If you do not want to do this annoying reverse journal, you do not have to sit in the train on the train.

Or Feni's bus has come down from Feni and from there the local bus will get to Nirdari in Mirsarai. (This will reduce the rent a bit) Direct route from Naduri Market to 40 minutes walk.

Take the local people as guides. You will be able to fix your talk with your advantage.

Where to stay

You will not need to travel this one day, but if you want to stay the night, you can find the lowest hotel in Mirsarai or Sitakunda. If there is Sitakunda market then there is Hotel Simun. If you want to stay in a good hotel, you have to come to Chittagong. The hotel can be found at Khudzele Central Hotel in Nuduri Market.

Where to eat

There is no arrangement for midday meal in riverbank. In this case, Mirsarai can eat in the market.

With which to take

As the mountainous road, then some medicines can be taken. There may be cutting, so some bandages and national antiseptic. Some places have to be tracked in the hills, so if you take the rope, then the best. Those who do not know the mates, they can take life jackets if they can. Another thing is, Chittagong is an area of Malaria Prakraban. Before going to the prone areas of malaria, it is necessary to eat doxysyclyn tablet (100 mg) for 4 weeks after the end of the journey from 1 week prior to the commencement of journey. However, before going to the mountainous area, you must talk to a doctor.

N.B.: Dry food and lots of water from the market, take plenty of water. Trail dirt, do not throw garbage.

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