Shuvolong Jhorna, Rangamati [Travel Guide]

Shuvolong Jhorna, Rangamati. Photo:Ekramul Tuhin

Shuvalong Jhorna falls in Barkal upazila of Rangamati district. The watery flush of this spring makes tremendous feel in the heart of tourists. The Shuvolong Waterfall water falls below 300 feet high in the rainy season, and is fascinated by tourists' excursions. At present, some installations have been made by the upazila administration in this area. The distance from Rangamati to Shuvalong is only 25 kilometers. Rangamati's beautiful beauty will be seen while going on the way to the pavement of the mountain. The simple, simple life of the people of the whole country, lake, fountain, broad blue sky, hills here will make you confused. Wherever you look here, only the hills and Kaptai Lake water will be noticed. The whole of the vast Kaptai Lake, with the grace of the mountains, has kept the mountains with a lot of grace. The clouds of the sky and its blueprows play a hinge, in the lake's lake, away from the mountains, and disappear, and see how it is, Lake. It can be said that the natural beauty of the city pulls you here.

How to go to Shuvolong Waterfall?

If you want to go to Shuvolong Jhorna from Rangamati town to Shuvolong Jhorna, you have to go by the way. The best way to reserve engine driven trawl is to do. The trawler can be kept from Rangamati Reserve Market area or from the tourist area. Their fares vary according to size. But the rent is usually between 1200-3000 rupees. It will take one and a half hours from the main city to the city of Shuvalong. To go to Shuvalong, Kaptai is on the lake. Kaptai Lake is the largest artificial lake in South Asia.

How to go Rangamati
Dhaka-to-Rangamati has a lot of transport such as: Sohag, Saudia, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc. You can leave Kalyanpur, Kalabagan or Sayedabad. Rent non AC 600-650 taka, AC 800-1000 taka If you leave for the night (10-11am), you will reach Rangamati (6-7pm) in the early morning.

Where to stay?

It's time to get off from the bus. There are several hotels in the old bus stand and reserve market area in Rangamati. But if you think before going to the hotel, as if the hotel is next to the Kaptai lake? Then you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the breeze from the hotel. Rangamati has many private and privately owned hotels and guest houses to stay. Besides, there are some more boards to be found. Bonding costs a little less but it is not very convenient to stay. Here are some of the details of hotels

(1) Tourism Holiday Complex

There are 12 air-conditioned rooms. Pratiti's rent: 1725 taka
There are seven air-conditioned rooms with rentals of Tk 805 each
Contact / Phone: 0351-63126 (Office)

(2) Hotel Sufia

There are 27 air-conditioned rooms. Prune rent: 900 rupees (single), 1250 (dual)
There are 35 air-conditioned rooms with rent of Tk 600 each
Contact / Phone: 0351-62145, 61174, 01553409149

(3) Hotel Green Castle

There are 7 air-conditioned rooms. Rental rent: from 1150 to 1600 taka
There are 16 air-conditioned rooms with rentals ranging from 750 to 1500 taka
Contact / Phone: 0351-7124, 61200, 01726-51153, 01815-459146

There are also several other notable hotels. For example, Hotel Judge, Hotel Al Moba, Hotel Mountain View, Hotel Dignity, Hotel Safia, Hotel Dreamland etc.

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